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The Bluegrass Hour

This week on the Bluegrass Hour a listener had requested, You Can’t Take It With You When You Go.  This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately.

It is getting harder and harder to save money with cost going up and the pitiful return of savings accounts and other investments.  What is the balance between being a miser so you can’t live in the present and spending it all like a wild man and having nothing for a rainy day?  Obviously those are two big extreme ends of the problem.  The Bible tells us in Matthew 6 that where our treasure is there our heart will be also, and that you can’t serve both God and money.  I don’t want to miss out on making memories with the kids but I don’t want to be completely destitute when an unforeseen calamity strikes.  Where is the balance when there is very little margin in the budget?  These are the things I’ve been thinking about lately…

Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve I was able to do a special Christmas program for the Bluegrass Hour.  According to feedback I have received there were a lot of folks listening in over the internet.  One friend from Ecuador even called to let me know that they were listening.

With Christmas being on a Sunday this year there was much discussion about the timing for opening the gifts.  We decided after lunch much to the dismay of the girls.  As you can see from the picture Sabrina, Hattie, Natalie and Miriam comprised the “girls choir” at church.  Sabrina and Miriam also played a special song on the piano as well.


We pray that you had an opportunity to celebrate the saviors birth in a special way this year.

Right where He wants us

Sometimes we wonder if we are just spinning our wheels or marking time then God reminds us why He has us here.  Saturday night while I (Adam) was at the radio station I got word that the son of close friends in the bush was just diagnosed with MS and the mother of another friend in the bush was facing a heart valve replacement.  I was able to pick music during “The Bluegrass Hour” that reminded them who God is and that He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  I was also able to pray for them live on the air.  Today I got a phone call from one of them thanking me for the music, the reminder and for making them feel not so isolated.  Tomorrow I am flying out to visit with the them, along the way I will be picking up another friend in the bush and bringing them with me.  Pray for the time of fellowship and encouragement.

Another family in the bush was medi-vaced today because the wife has had chest pains for several weeks.  Thankfully the doctors say that she will be fine after placing a stint.  I am waiting to hear back what I need to do to help finish closing up their place during tomorrow’s flight.  They had to leave so soon that things were not completely shut down and their house is not prepared to freeze without major damage to their supplies.  Here is a link to a story in the Fairbanks Newsminer telling the story.