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What Alaska Ministry Looks Like

We try to explain it. It is hard to describe, harder to believe and difficult to accept. We tell folks that the only way to truly understand it is to be here and see it for yourself. Life in Alaska is hard, ministry is a lifelong process and sin has terrible consequences. Sophia Lee has accomplished what Lyndy and I haven’t been able to do, her article published by World Magazine does an excellent job explaining these things clearly.

We are friends with the Roger and Carole, folks featured in the story, and are ministry partners with Kokrine Hills Bible Camp. We know the other folks in the article as well, they are all good people.

I encourage you to read this story and get a glimpse of what ministry in Alaska entails. Thank you for partnering with us as we have lived and ministered in Alaska for over 20 years.


Break Neck Pace

Well Summer is in full swing and all of Alaska is trying to cram way too much into the short season.

The 206 has proven to be a great asset as we have flown over 40 hours in support of Kokrine Hills Bible Camp so far with many more trips planned.

The cabin expansion is still in the works.  Materials are being gathered and plans still being finalized.

Did you hear that we were able to get some great materials for the hangar?  We now have R50 foam core steel wall panels for 20 cents on the dollar!  The plan is that we will build a hangar at the airport next Summer, if funds are available for the remaining materials.  Oh yeah, we are leasing a lot at the airport now, did we tell you that?

We have also been able to host friends from another ministry as they travel in the northern part of Alaska encouraging ministers and missionaries.  They agree that Nenana is a strategic location for getting around Northern Alaska (hub and spoke model).

As you can see it is a busy summer.  Check the projects page for updates and pictures of our progress.  We will continue to post pictures of everyday life on the Media page.

It’s going to be a busy summer…

The Cessna 206 is working out great.  It was provided at no cost to us and will be used to further the work in remote Alaska.  We have been able to help VFCM with some translator repairs.  I have made a couple of trips to KHBC and there are several more flights planned in the coming weeks.  The Maule is still a vital tool in our toolbox but just like any other tool it was designed for a specific task, it could preform multiple roles but it is best at what it was designed for.  The Maule is still the best tool for our off-airport flights into the bush and the 206 is better at long distance airstrip to airstrip flying with a big load.

We are going to be adding on the the cabin this summer.  We plan to start in a couple of weeks with a 14×16 two story addition that will have a dinning room and more bedroom space for the girls.  Keep checking for pictures on our progress.


Every December Roger and Carole Huntington from Kokrine Hills Bible Camp go to Buckland (close to Kotzebue) for a week of follow-up with kids that attend camp during the summer.  I’m not sure who is more excited to see each other, the kids or Roger and Carole.  Again the airplane is proving to be a valuable tool in ministry.  I picked them up at camp flew them out.  Although it was long day (7 hours flight time) it is worth the effort.  This time of encouragement and fellowship means so much this time of year.

Ever wonder where Buckland is?

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Here is a map of the route of flight.