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Right where He wants us

Sometimes we wonder if we are just spinning our wheels or marking time then God reminds us why He has us here.  Saturday night while I (Adam) was at the radio station I got word that the son of close friends in the bush was just diagnosed with MS and the mother of another friend in the bush was facing a heart valve replacement.  I was able to pick music during “The Bluegrass Hour” that reminded them who God is and that He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  I was also able to pray for them live on the air.  Today I got a phone call from one of them thanking me for the music, the reminder and for making them feel not so isolated.  Tomorrow I am flying out to visit with the them, along the way I will be picking up another friend in the bush and bringing them with me.  Pray for the time of fellowship and encouragement.

Another family in the bush was medi-vaced today because the wife has had chest pains for several weeks.  Thankfully the doctors say that she will be fine after placing a stint.  I am waiting to hear back what I need to do to help finish closing up their place during tomorrow’s flight.  They had to leave so soon that things were not completely shut down and their house is not prepared to freeze without major damage to their supplies.  Here is a link to a story in the Fairbanks Newsminer telling the story.


Every December Roger and Carole Huntington from Kokrine Hills Bible Camp go to Buckland (close to Kotzebue) for a week of follow-up with kids that attend camp during the summer.  I’m not sure who is more excited to see each other, the kids or Roger and Carole.  Again the airplane is proving to be a valuable tool in ministry.  I picked them up at camp flew them out.  Although it was long day (7 hours flight time) it is worth the effort.  This time of encouragement and fellowship means so much this time of year.

Ever wonder where Buckland is?

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Here is a map of the route of flight.

Flat Light

I made a trip out to Kokrine Hills Bible Camp last week.  We help with logistics from time to time and Carole was ready to come home after a knee replacement surgery.  The weather was forecasted to not be the greatest but very flyable.  I want to show you this video I took of the landing and take-off from Camp. This is a good example of what flat light is.  Flat light is when there are no shadows and very little depth perception, always a challenge when operating off-airport.

January update

January has been fairly typical weather wise and we are grateful for the days getting longer instead of shorter.  The kids have been battling cabin fever and it’s tough to play outside for more than an hour at -30f but they make the best of it.  Lyndy continues to homeschool the kids and she suffers from cabin fever from time to time too.  Adam has had several opportunities to fly this winter but with flying comes maintenance so today he is rebuilding the airplane’s tailwheel/ski.
Today we just received “official word” via a letter from the board of The Master’s Mission that effective January 1st, 2011 TMM began “appropriating 5% of total monies receipted for mission overhead and administration.”  We have anticipated this announcement for almost a year and many of you graciously and sacrificially increased you support accordingly ahead of this “official announcement.”  Thank you for that.  Although this comes at a time when our own support levels are falling we trust that “God will continue to supply all of our needs according to His riches in Glory.”