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I have wanted to make up a t-shirt with the TMM Alaska logo for quite awhile now.  Several folks have expressed interest in them too, so I thought I would see what I could do.  Booster.com has a way for us to design our own shirt and let others purchase them without us having any cash outlay and inventory to try and manage, there is even a chance to raise a little money for aviation fuel in the process.

If you would like to help us with the Fuel Fund take a look at the t-shirts we have designed and buy a few.  A portion of the sales comes directly to us so we can purchase fuel for the thirsty airplanes.  Go to http://www.booster.com/tmmak

TMM Alaska t-shirt
TMM Alaska t-shirt

Too Many Irons In The Fire!

With the temperatures dropping below zero at night it has increased the urgency to get the  West Wing insulated.  The girl’s room and kitchen wall has only a thin layer of plastic keeping the cold at bay.  The problem is there are just too many other things that are fighting for our time.  The annual inspection is due on the Maule this month, several weeks of book keeping is piled up on my desk, flying in support of our and other’s ministry efforts, the normal responsibilities and just plain doing the everyday chores to survive doesn’t leave much time to work on the house.  When I do have a few spare moments they are scattered and not consistent enough to get anything accomplished.  There is just too much going on…  With that being said I better get back to work!

Break Neck Pace

Well Summer is in full swing and all of Alaska is trying to cram way too much into the short season.

The 206 has proven to be a great asset as we have flown over 40 hours in support of Kokrine Hills Bible Camp so far with many more trips planned.

The cabin expansion is still in the works.  Materials are being gathered and plans still being finalized.

Did you hear that we were able to get some great materials for the hangar?  We now have R50 foam core steel wall panels for 20 cents on the dollar!  The plan is that we will build a hangar at the airport next Summer, if funds are available for the remaining materials.  Oh yeah, we are leasing a lot at the airport now, did we tell you that?

We have also been able to host friends from another ministry as they travel in the northern part of Alaska encouraging ministers and missionaries.  They agree that Nenana is a strategic location for getting around Northern Alaska (hub and spoke model).

As you can see it is a busy summer.  Check the projects page for updates and pictures of our progress.  We will continue to post pictures of everyday life on the Media page.

It’s going to be a busy summer…

The Cessna 206 is working out great.  It was provided at no cost to us and will be used to further the work in remote Alaska.  We have been able to help VFCM with some translator repairs.  I have made a couple of trips to KHBC and there are several more flights planned in the coming weeks.  The Maule is still a vital tool in our toolbox but just like any other tool it was designed for a specific task, it could preform multiple roles but it is best at what it was designed for.  The Maule is still the best tool for our off-airport flights into the bush and the 206 is better at long distance airstrip to airstrip flying with a big load.

We are going to be adding on the the cabin this summer.  We plan to start in a couple of weeks with a 14×16 two story addition that will have a dinning room and more bedroom space for the girls.  Keep checking for pictures on our progress.