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Building Project

Winter is very slowly loosing it’s grip (National Weather Service comments).  We joke here in Alaska about the seasons we have; Winter, Construction, and Hunting.  We are planing a construction project of our own this year.

As you know our house is rather small by many standards.  Our current 826 square feet gets a little tight sometimes.  The girls are growing and need more space, homeschooling is getting more involved and we desire to entertain guests more often.  Our goal is to add a dining room and extra space in the girls bedroom.  The projects page has more information.

Too Cold To Fly

This January is setting up to be one of the coldest on record here in the interior of Alaska, according to an article in today’s Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.  It has been colder than -20f or it will warm up then snow for what seems like an eternity.  What this has meant for us is that it has been too cold to travel by plane.  So today as I’m clearing my desk of months of backed-up paper work, wishing that I could be out visiting folks in the bush, I am watching some of the videos on our YouTube channel.  This video is the most popular of all and for good reason, bright sun, fresh powder and a smooth touchdown (if I say so myself).

January update

January has been fairly typical weather wise and we are grateful for the days getting longer instead of shorter.  The kids have been battling cabin fever and it’s tough to play outside for more than an hour at -30f but they make the best of it.  Lyndy continues to homeschool the kids and she suffers from cabin fever from time to time too.  Adam has had several opportunities to fly this winter but with flying comes maintenance so today he is rebuilding the airplane’s tailwheel/ski.
Today we just received “official word” via a letter from the board of The Master’s Mission that effective January 1st, 2011 TMM began “appropriating 5% of total monies receipted for mission overhead and administration.”  We have anticipated this announcement for almost a year and many of you graciously and sacrificially increased you support accordingly ahead of this “official announcement.”  Thank you for that.  Although this comes at a time when our own support levels are falling we trust that “God will continue to supply all of our needs according to His riches in Glory.”