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Easter 2012

Kantishna Crew Easter 2012

As Christians, Easter is a BIG deal. It’s not about some rabbit laying eggs as the world makes it out to be, it is about the Son of God conquering sin and death!  Like the Apostle Paul states in I Corinthians 15, if Christ did not raise from the dead then “we are of all people most to be pitied.”  Christmas is important, but without Easter Christmas has little meaning.

When folks are isolated and not able to attend church in person each opportunity to gather together becomes very important, especially Easter.  Again this year several folks we visit through out the year were able to gather in one place.  It was a great time of fellowship and renewal, something all of us look forward to; three days of visiting, talking, sharing and study.  Can you imagine how special church would be to you if you could only attend in person a couple of times a year?  This is how special Easter is for us and our friends in the bush.  As the years go by we grow closer together and think of each other as family, brothers and sisters in Christ.

By the time lunch came around Easter Sunday we had twenty one people all in one place on the Kantishnia River.  The only other time any of us could remember more of us in one place was at a wedding several years ago.

Anyone care to share how important Easter is to them?

Shepherds Conference

We just finished making all the reservations for Adam, Art and Bill (the Elder board of Nenana Community Church) to attend this year’s Shepherd’s Conference.  Adam went with with a friend last year and really enjoyed it.  He talked so much about it that he convinced the other guys that they should go with him this year.

Shepherds’ Conference 2012 from Grace Community Church on Vimeo.

The Bluegrass Hour

This week on the Bluegrass Hour a listener had requested, You Can’t Take It With You When You Go.  This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately.

It is getting harder and harder to save money with cost going up and the pitiful return of savings accounts and other investments.  What is the balance between being a miser so you can’t live in the present and spending it all like a wild man and having nothing for a rainy day?  Obviously those are two big extreme ends of the problem.  The Bible tells us in Matthew 6 that where our treasure is there our heart will be also, and that you can’t serve both God and money.  I don’t want to miss out on making memories with the kids but I don’t want to be completely destitute when an unforeseen calamity strikes.  Where is the balance when there is very little margin in the budget?  These are the things I’ve been thinking about lately…


Every December Roger and Carole Huntington from Kokrine Hills Bible Camp go to Buckland (close to Kotzebue) for a week of follow-up with kids that attend camp during the summer.  I’m not sure who is more excited to see each other, the kids or Roger and Carole.  Again the airplane is proving to be a valuable tool in ministry.  I picked them up at camp flew them out.  Although it was long day (7 hours flight time) it is worth the effort.  This time of encouragement and fellowship means so much this time of year.

Ever wonder where Buckland is?

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Here is a map of the route of flight.

Change of plan…

This Sunday night we started a new series at Church.  Demolishing Strongholds from Answers In Genesis.  It’s a great study on how the creation / evolution debate is not about different facts but different presuppositions.  We are all looking at the same evidence in the present.  Evolution tries to figure out the past from the present and Creation understands the present by what the Bible tells us about the past.  Huge difference!

Half way through the lesson this week I had to leave because of a major explosion at a gas station 100 miles south of us.  They needed another ambulance and medics. Here is a story from the Fairbanks Newsminer.  The situation was compounded by the nasty roads.  It had been raining through out the day and the roads were like a hockey rink!  Rain this time of year is never good!