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By The Numbers

When flying it is always best to “fly by the numbers.”  Meaning that if you want the airplane to perform to it’s limits and be predictable in the way it reacts you must fly the specified airspeeds, manage the engine settings, load buy the book and don’t act like you are Chuck Yeager.  So numbers are important when you are trying to figure out if you can really take-off from that confined area or if you will have enough fuel to complete the trip based on the winds aloft.  As a result I am a numbers kind of person.

Here are a few numbers as of 1/10/2014 concerning the 100LL Fund campaign we are doing through www.booster.com.

  • $618 raised so far
  • 474 times the campaign has be viewed
  • 200 shirts is the goal
  • 140 folks have shared the campaign on FaceBook
  • 105 gallons of fuel can be purchased
  • 89 shirts sold
  • 46 people have purchased shirts
  • $20 is the cost per shirt
  • 8 days remaining in the campaign
  • 7 hours of flight time with the current funds raised
  • Immeasurable, the thanks we have for your support!
100LL Fund
100LL Fund


I have wanted to make up a t-shirt with the TMM Alaska logo for quite awhile now.  Several folks have expressed interest in them too, so I thought I would see what I could do.  Booster.com has a way for us to design our own shirt and let others purchase them without us having any cash outlay and inventory to try and manage, there is even a chance to raise a little money for aviation fuel in the process.

If you would like to help us with the Fuel Fund take a look at the t-shirts we have designed and buy a few.  A portion of the sales comes directly to us so we can purchase fuel for the thirsty airplanes.  Go to http://www.booster.com/tmmak

TMM Alaska t-shirt
TMM Alaska t-shirt

Maule Annual

The Maule is back in Missionary Aviation Repair Center‘s hangar for it’s annual inspection. It has gone well which is a by product of taking good care of the bird and doing preventative maintenance along the way.  We of have a couple of big ticket items on the horizon though.  The engine has an AD (recall in automotive terms) that requires that I replace the crankshaft in 13 months, we are getting estimates now.  I also need to replace a servo on the autopilot next year and replace the outdated Emergency Locator Transmitter to the current standard.  Keep an eye on the Ongoing Project page for more updates on the Maule’s maintenance.

Safely tucked away for the Annual Inspection.
Safely tucked away for the Annual Inspection.


Counting the Cost

It seems that it is always a balancing act, short-term benefits verses long-term cost.  Do you spend a little more now to save big down the road or do save a little now only to pay big-time later?  These are the things that rattle around my brain especially after coming out of a major annual inspection of the Maule a couple of months ago.

After nine years of being kept outside and operated in the harsh Alaska environment the Maule was in need of a very through going over.  The fuel system was weeping at various places, the carburetor needed overhaul, several instruments needed calibration and there were a lot of things that need re-torqued or adjusted.  We also had to repair the results of the airplane being a corner post for the airport fox.  The right main wheel was starting to corrode from where he would “mark” his territory every spring.  Most of these were things I had decided could wait till later during other inspections but now was the time to make it right.

A special thank-you to the folks at Missionary Aviation Repair Center for their help and expertise.  Without their involvement a lot of these things would have been put off even longer which would only increase the cost and difficulty to fix.  This is what got me thinking about so many other things in life that are the same way as an airplane.  So many times the cost is not monetary, it could be time, relationships or any number of other resources.  Are you counting the cost of putting something off till later when you know it should be done now?