West Wing Cabin Expansion

If you can’t see the slide show above try here.  The slide show and text will be updated frequently so keep checking back for updates.
Update 8/14/12 It took long enough but we have finally started the project!  As my dad and I were getting things set up this morning a flock of geese flew over and we both laughed thinking that they knew something we didn’t.  I pray that I can get this done before winter gets here.  Today we dug the footings for the foundation and plan to pour tomorrow.

6/4/12 We have all the funds in hand to complete this project.  Materials list are being completed and we plan to start construction in a couple of weeks.  Look for pictures of our progress.

10/15/11 We would like to add a “West Wing” to the White’s House.  This project would include a 12′X14′ addition for a dinning room and more room upstairs for the girls.  This project would also include a remodel of the kitchen.  We have already started with the kitchen, by purchasing a new refrigerator (summer 2011).  When completed it would boost our square footage from 826 to 1120, a 36% gain.  Here is a link to Google Street View to see our house.

If you would like to help this or any other project please visit our Contact page.