On Going Projects:

100LL Fund

Operating an airplane can be rather expensive.  Fuel is our largest expense (current prices) and we burn between 14 and 18 gallons an hour average.  A typical trip to visit folks in the bush will consume between $100 and $150 in fuel, a trip to Kokrine Hills Bible Camp takes $300 in fuel.  The planes averages between $.90 – $1.20 a mile in fuel cost depending on the season (floats, wheels or skis) and which airplane we use (the Cessna or Maule) that does not take into account winds.  100LL is the technical name for Aviation Gasoline, it is 100 octane and is considered Low Lead.  100LL Fund Special!  You can contribute to the Fuel Fund and get a t-shirt too for a limited time.  Go to our page for details.

Engine Replacement Fund

We are mandated by the FAA to replace or overhaul the current engine in the Maule in another 1100 hours flight time or by January 2015 which ever occurs first.  We know that it could cost as much as $58,722 at today’s prices just for the engine, an O-540-B4B5.  We are are not prepared for that large of an expense.  We were close to that goal but had to use a significant amount of our long range aviation savings to get the 206 through it’s first annual inspection.

The Cessna has 1400 left on it’s engine before an overhaul is recommended.  This engine does not have the same mandate from the FAA to overhaul by a certain date.

System Upgrades

From time to time we need to upgrade items in the aircraft.  These improvements increase safety, performance and longevity.  Previous examples of these upgrades include: shoulder harness seat belts, balanced fuel injectors, extended baggage, navigation radio improvements, LED landing lights.

Special Projects:

1.  Cabin Expansion 

2.  TMM Hangar



How can you help?

Go to TMM’s How to Donate page to find out the many options for handling your financial support.  Please remember to designate gifts to ”The White’s / specific project.”  Most gifts are tax-deductible when routed through The Master’s Mission.  As of January 2011 The Master’s Mission keeps 5% of all monies and an additional 3% of credit card donations for administrative overhead.

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