Every December Roger and Carole Huntington from Kokrine Hills Bible Camp go to Buckland (close to Kotzebue) for a week of follow-up with kids that attend camp during the summer.  I’m not sure who is more excited to see each other, the kids or Roger and Carole.  Again the airplane is proving to be a valuable tool in ministry.  I picked them up at camp flew them out.  Although it was long day (7 hours flight time) it is worth the effort.  This time of encouragement and fellowship means so much this time of year.

Ever wonder where Buckland is?

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Here is a map of the route of flight.

Flat Light

I made a trip out to Kokrine Hills Bible Camp last week.  We help with logistics from time to time and Carole was ready to come home after a knee replacement surgery.  The weather was forecasted to not be the greatest but very flyable.  I want to show you this video I took of the landing and take-off from Camp. This is a good example of what flat light is.  Flat light is when there are no shadows and very little depth perception, always a challenge when operating off-airport.

Change of plan…

This Sunday night we started a new series at Church.  Demolishing Strongholds from Answers In Genesis.  It’s a great study on how the creation / evolution debate is not about different facts but different presuppositions.  We are all looking at the same evidence in the present.  Evolution tries to figure out the past from the present and Creation understands the present by what the Bible tells us about the past.  Huge difference!

Half way through the lesson this week I had to leave because of a major explosion at a gas station 100 miles south of us.  They needed another ambulance and medics. Here is a story from the Fairbanks Newsminer.  The situation was compounded by the nasty roads.  It had been raining through out the day and the roads were like a hockey rink!  Rain this time of year is never good!

Weather and Thanksgiving

The weather is always a big topic of discussions, it is a major factor in everyone’s daily life. As Natalie told me yesterday, be careful Daddy you don’t have all the right gear on you might die out in the cold. This Fall has been a little trying. We received slightly more snow than normal before it got cold enough to freeze the lakes and rivers completely. The river here in Nenana was still open up till a week ago. There are big areas of overflow on the rivers and lakes, not fun when trying to operate the airplane or snowmachine!  For the past few weeks we have been setting new record lows and now there is a Chinook in the forecast and we might get above freezing this week.  Folks are always saying that “this weather is not normal” no matter the season or weather.  Well there is one thing I have learned, there is no “normal” to our weather.

Normally (I use the term loosely) we travel to the bush to spend Thanksgiving with friends.  It is one of several times during the year we all gather in one place and enjoy a couple of days of visiting, study and good food.  This year, weather and other’s travels postponed our gathering.  We were able to spend Thanksgiving with friends here in Nenana instead.  We hope that we can get together before Christmas and share some great fellowship and food.

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