MK or KM, it’s a very fine line.

Well, Sophia Lee of World Magazine has done it again. In her latest article, she has done an excellent job of capturing one of the biggest struggles of being on the mission field, how it impacts our children. We know the Funks and the Stewarts. We can vouch for their sincerity and genuine love for their villages and more importantly for their children. Your faithful support has provided the means for us to fly thousands of pounds of desperately needed food to Luke and Sarah in Kobuk.

As parents, we know and accept the challenges of mission work, but often it is tough because our decisions affect our kids too. 

Pray for us, but more importantly, please pray for Sabrina, Miriam, and Natalie. Our children are “the chink in the armor that Satan often uses to attack us because that’s where we’re weakest.” Being an MK (missionary kid) or a KM (kid missionary) has very different outcomes, and there is a very fine line between them.