Emergency Response Award


You may remember that the village of Galena flooded last spring.  Several Missionary Aviation groups here in Alaska responded to help evacuate the women and children long into the night and then flew supplies and workers to help with the rebuilding effort for many months.  The Alaska Air Carriers Association recently recognized several of us that helped.  In their letter announcing the award they stated:

This award recognizes an aviation individual who, through a particular rescue / transport or contributions over a period of time, has exemplified professionalism and expediency in the saving of lives.

You are being honored for selfless aviation service and your commitment to serving and protecting the people of Galena, Alaska during the devastating flood in 2013. We honor your generous, immediate and tireless service not only at the outset of the flood, but continuing through the long grueling months of recovery.

From the nominations received on your behalf, it is obvious you are respected and held in high esteem. The community of Galena and Alaska’s aviation community commends you.

Thank you for your outstanding example and professionalism. We are a better aviation community because of your participation and your example.

Through out all of the flying for the Galena recovery effort I have been able to explain to folks why the Christian community has do so much to help.  It is because we love our neighbors and we have been given a gift we could never repay and a gift we certainly do not deserve and we what them to know how they can receive that same gift.

I can not adequately express our gratitude to those of you that make it possible for us to do this type thing full time!  To God be the glory!