Can’t Wait Till Next Winter

It’s -45f outside and I need to fly tomorrow. Probably not going to happen, -30 is my cut off flying solo and -20 when I have passengers. It’s just too hard on equipment and people. Besides no one can come help fast enough if we have trouble. On the bright side, we just got confirmation that we have the funding in place to build our hangar. So maintenance and preflights will be much easier starting next fall!  Keep an eye on the Hangar Project page for updates.


I have wanted to make up a t-shirt with the TMM Alaska logo for quite awhile now.  Several folks have expressed interest in them too, so I thought I would see what I could do. has a way for us to design our own shirt and let others purchase them without us having any cash outlay and inventory to try and manage, there is even a chance to raise a little money for aviation fuel in the process.

If you would like to help us with the Fuel Fund take a look at the t-shirts we have designed and buy a few.  A portion of the sales comes directly to us so we can purchase fuel for the thirsty airplanes.  Go to

TMM Alaska t-shirt
TMM Alaska t-shirt