Mechanical Things Break, That’s Just What They Do

This week I have been in Soldotna at Missionary Aviation Repair Center doing the annual inspection on the Maule.  It has gone very well, we have been able to fix many little things that are hard to do without a hangar and extra hands.  Today I was ready to go back home excited to have an airplane that was in top shape again.  However…  As I flew to Kenai (less than 10 minutes away) for a required instrument recertification the carburetor started to act weird.  After more investigation it was determined that it needs to be rebuilt, only problem is that it will be next week before the overhaul shop in Anchorage can get to it.  So I am flying home commercially and will come back when we get all the parts back.  Thankfully this failure happened when I was close to great help and resources and not while over the rugged and unforgiving Alaska Range on my way home.  Mechanical things break, that is just what they do.  God protected me from disaster, that is just what He does.