G Swafford

Adam’s Grandfather passed away this week. He had been struggling for sometime with several health issues. As with any loss it is difficult to deal with the sorrow but thankfully as Christians we have a wonderful hope and assurance that this is not the end.

Although I wasn’t there in person, technology enabled me to talk to and see him before he passed. I was also able to visit with many family members, some I haven’t seen in many years. Video links really make a big world seem very small. I’m thankful that I had the chance to see everyone and I look forward to the day when I’ll see Pawpaw again.

It’s going to be a busy summer…

The Cessna 206 is working out great.  It was provided at no cost to us and will be used to further the work in remote Alaska.  We have been able to help VFCM with some translator repairs.  I have made a couple of trips to KHBC and there are several more flights planned in the coming weeks.  The Maule is still a vital tool in our toolbox but just like any other tool it was designed for a specific task, it could preform multiple roles but it is best at what it was designed for.  The Maule is still the best tool for our off-airport flights into the bush and the 206 is better at long distance airstrip to airstrip flying with a big load.

We are going to be adding on the the cabin this summer.  We plan to start in a couple of weeks with a 14×16 two story addition that will have a dinning room and more bedroom space for the girls.  Keep checking for pictures on our progress.