What do you mean I can’t carry my knife?

So Sabrina and Miriam are at the public school this week doing the mandated annual state achievement  testing.  We homeschool the kids but Alaska is different, the state realized years ago that it couldn’t afford to provide a public school education to every kid scattered across the state.  If there are less than 15 kids in a village the state has determined that it is too expensive to keep a school open.  So the state helps fund the homeschooling of kids with quite a bit of accountability expected in return.  That means the kids have a public school transcript but we are required to take the standard achievement test every year.

I was reminded how much our kids don’t think like the rest of the world as they were walking out the door this morning.  I reminded Sabrina and Miriam that they should leave their pocket knives at home.  I did not think that a simple request  would lead to such a deep discussion.  I had to answers all kinds of questions like “what do I do if I need a knife and I’m not allowed to have one?” “Some people would be nervous if they knew that I had a knife, really, why?”  It took awhile but they got over the crazy notion that not everyone carries a knife.   So they started unloading their pockets.

Judging by the pile of “weapons” on the kitchen table it’s obvious they are their father’s daughters. One knife is not enough, last count I have four blades on me right now.  They each had two.  That’s my girls!



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