The airplane flies again.

After getting 830 hours out of a muffler, which is unheard of, the Maule flies again.  At the annual it was discovered that the flame tube in the co-pilot muffler was burnt out.  When I showed it to the repair shop in Anchorage they were shocked that we had been able to get so many hours out of the muffler, usually they need repair in less than 300 hours.  We are on the third muffler on the pilot side.  After much discussion it was determined that it would be more cost effective to buy a new one rather than repair the original.  Once you start repairing a muffler that old it tends to have a snowball effect and you quickly get to the price of a new muffler.  This new muffler has a couple of upgrades that will be great this winter.  It should generate significantly more heat for the cabin, always nice.

Don’t worry Daddy!

It’s never good when your kids start a conversation with that line.

Several months ago the girls were asking me how I made the decision when it is OK to go flying and when it is better to wait.  So we got into this long discussion about Risk Management and risk/benefit analysis.  I’ll admit that I might have gotten too deep into the topic for a 6, 8, and 10 year old to understand.  However, they were asking good questions and wanted to know more about why and how I know it is OK to do something.  Apparently most of our conversation sunk in and they have transferred that knowledge into their decision making process.  Here is how I know. Continue reading Don’t worry Daddy!