I went for a boat ride with a friend to test the engine and came home with a moose!

Rob and I have been running down a few electrical problems with his boat lately.  We had finally gotten to the point that we just needed to take it for a test drive to see if we had fixed the issues.  We decided to go up river.  You never go down river when testing a boat!  With it being moose season you don’t go anywhere without your rifle either.

After we had stopped to tighten a few things and walking in the woods for a bit we decided that we should head back home.  Along the way home Rob spotted a bull on the banks and so into the woods we went again.  The wind was blowing real hard and I thought for sure the moose didn’t hang around.  After a bit I started to hear tree branches knocking out of rhythm with the wind and sure enough there he was staring at me 20 yards away!

As I looked at him I tried to remember what the regulations were about legal size on this side of the river.  It just so happened that I had the regulations in my back pocket.  So with this bull moose trying to figure out where I was, I was reading the book and trying to figure out if I could shoot him.  I settled to question quickly and shot him!