2010 Updates

January 5, 2010


What a year 2009 was.  I (Adam) just read through all of the updates from last year and was reminded of how good God is.  The website was down for a few weeks so we haven’t been able to get an update out to a lot of you about my check up in Seattle.  The Doctors were very pleased by my recovery; Doc says I am as healthy and as strong as a horse. So I asked him, Clydesdale or the “Old Gray Mare”? He just laughed and didn’t answer. So I told one of his residents; I’m worried, what does that mean?  The resident didn’t get the joke and fell all over himself trying to reassure me that I was going to be OK.  They are a little puzzled by my swallowing issues but that is being managed by medication for now.  Apparently I am allergic to something and my esophagus won’t allow food to pass very easily.


My Mom, Dad and Sister were able to be here for Christmas this year.  It had been nine years since we have been able to do that, it was a lot of fun to have them here.  Lyndy and the girls took a week off from doing school for Christmas break and are back to the routine again.


With the days getting longer now I am planning several trips to visit friends in the bush this month.  Look for pictures and updates here and on Facebook.


As a result of the website being down from Dec 15th through Jan 5th we did not get any e-mail from the “@thewhitepagesonline.com” addresses you may have used.  If you sent us any e-mail using those addresses please resend it.  Our gmail addresses were not effected by the website being down.


January 12, 2010
After many hours Rob Bennett and I (mainly Rob) got the city of Nenana’s track rig running.  It had two stuck valves, needed a rebuild on the carburetor and a lot of electrical work.  So now I can use it instead of our pick-up to pull my drag and maintain the ski strip at the airport.  This really helps keep a smooth runway and saves a lot of wear and tear on our airplane.



January 22, 2010
We just received word that The Master’s Mission is going to start taking 5% of our total support as an administrative fee.  We are waiting for the official letter to know all the details, we will update you when we know more.


January 25, 2010
I was recently interviewed by Matt Miller of KTOO in Juneau.  He wanted to know how the shutdown of the Loran system would affect Alaskan aviation.  Listen to the interview


March 7, 2010
The girls wanted to have a table at this year’s Tripod Days bazaar. They ran the whole show with very little of our help. They used money from their own savings.  $30 a piece net profit so far but they mentioned that they want to see if Marylin at Coghill’s might want to buy there overstock. So the final total is not in yet….  Homeschool Capitalist, Dave Ramsey would be proud!  Update, total earnings were $52 a piece!



March 12, 2010
Sometimes an Ambulance ride turns into something good!  Read this story from the local “e-paper” about the baby I helped delivery 4 years ago.  


April 10, 2010
We had a wonderful weekend in Lake Minchumina for Easter!  Adam was able to fly a few folks from the surrounding area in for the great time of fellowship and study.  The weather was great and it was wonderful to reconnect with folks.  It had been too long since we had been able to see many of them.


Just look at all that available runway!


The weather was perfect!


The girls were able to hone their mushing skills.


Counting their eggs before they hatch.


Staring into the bright sun.


April 15, 2010
This is a great piece on friends of our in the bush form a TV station in the lower 48.  It gives you a good taste of what life is like in the middle of nowhere!


See where Adam flew today while your surfing the net.
April 27, 2010
More indicators that Spring has made it to Alaska. 1) We had to finish processing all the things stored in the world largest outdoor freezer. No more moose quarters hanging in the shed. 2) I put the screen door on the house. The bugs are waking up. 3) The robins are back along with the geese, swans and cranes.


AWANA is done for another school year.  We look forward to the break but we also know that this has been the only exposure some of the kids have to the gospel.  Pray with us that the we AWANA leaders will still have the chance to show them Christ love through the Summer.


Natalie says that she is done with training wheels.


The weather is a lot better this day than it was the day before.  I was trying to get back home from Anchorage but wound up spending the night with the Thiemes in Houston.  If you want to see more pictures of the trip look at the Spot Adventures page.
May 10, 2010


We have enjoyed a little break!  After the Alaska State Aviation Trade Show the 1st and 2nd of May we took a little vacation south of Anchorage.  Believe it or not it was our first in 14 years of marriage.  We had taken the occasional day off when traveling around on deputation in the lower 48 but we had never just disappeared for a week and done nothing.  All five of us enjoyed the change of pace and have hit the ground running this week.


Adam made it on the Anchorage news during the Trade Show.
Click the picture to see the interview.  


Glad these guys were behind the fence at the Alaska Zoo!


We enjoyed the spring weather and the change of scenery.


May 11, 2010


Bob Eldridge, founder of VFCM (radio ministry in Nenana), died tonight from injuries in a heavy equipment accident. Rejoicing in his homecoming and grieving for the loss. Sometimes it’s really hard to be an EMT in a small town…


Last half of May 2010
We put the airplane on floats after not doing so last year due to my recovery from surgery.  It was great to be able to get out and see friends again after things had thawed out since our Easter get-together.


June 2010
Adam was able to perform the wedding of good friends in Lake Minchumina.  It was a good reminder that we need to stay flexible.  Very little of the event went as originally planned, the weather was the main culprit.  I kept telling folks that “someone is going to get married today and it will be just as legal according to the government and just a holy in the eyes of God.”  In the end it went great, congratulations Steven and Dana!


This year we were able to help with a lot of the transportation logistics of Kokrine Hills Bible Camp.  The camp is located on the Yukon River half way between the villages of Tanana and Ruby.  The only way to get there is by aircraft or boat.  Adam did a lot of flying; kids, cooks, counselors and other folks and supplies.  Our AVGAS trailer was useful for the other airplanes flying for camp.  We also were able to help store a church bus and a van for a church that was out helping run a week of camp.  Nenana is a strategic location for folks on the highway system to jump-off into the bush.  It is such a blessing to be able to help get the gospel to kids from remote Alaska!


Adam went to the doctors in Fairbanks and had his one year post operation check-up and was issued a clean bill of health!


July 2010
As many of you know we have been saving for a shop/hangar for many years.  Well this summer we have had several things happen that we couldn’t pass up.  The local Native Corporation asked if we were still interested in the steel from an old building that blew down several years ago.  The deal was you take all of it or none of it, so we took all of it.  We have enough steel trusses to roof a building 42’X64′ at a price that was not much above scrap prices.  This is a great start on a building, keep reading to see what else we were able to get…


We continue to visit with folks in the bush, it’s nice to be on floats again this summer.


Every other year there is a big airshow in Anchorage, somehow we have never made it down until this year.  It was really neat to see the Blue Angles and the Canadian Snowbirds along with a lot of other cool stuff.  The kids had a great time, Adam seemed to enjoy himself too.  Jet fuel and loud noises, what’s not to like!


August 2010
Granny &Pop (aka Adam’s parents) came for their annual visit.  They have purchased the cabin at the end of the block and are starting to make plans how they want to remodel it.  Adam and his Dad were able to get several projects completed while they visited.  Another opportunity for Shop/hangar supplies came up and the guys hauled most of an old highway bridge home, it took multiple trips.  The cross-members are perfect for the walls of the shop/hangar and the other I-beams will come in handy for the building too!


Mary Flood a long-time resident of Lake Minchumina passed away and Adam had the honor of performing the service.  She was laid to rest on her property in Minchumina.  We look forward to our reunion in Glory someday.


As you may remember Adam serves as the President of The Alaska Airmen’s Association.  Alaska has had a rather unfortunate year in regards to aviation accidents.  Adam was interviewed by several national news outlets concerning the Senator Stevens crash and continues to be called for comments on many aviation stories..  The FAA administrator, Randy Babbitt, came to Alaska and Adam had opportunities to meet with him and share some of the uniqueness and needs of Alaskan aviation.  It was a profitable time and it will be interesting to see dividends of his visit.


This year God supplied our year’s meat before moose season even came around.  Friends in the bush have a private bison herd and needed some help culling a few before winter came.  Adam went out and helped and we were fortunate to get an entire bison!  It’s great meat and it is also a welcome change from moose.


We were able to leave the kids with friends here in Nenana for a few days and took Lola Weinreis and Penny Green with us to Anchorage for a few days.  Adam had to speak at the American Association of Airport Executives convention so the gals came along for the trip.  It was a lot of fun and great weather.


Lyndy started homeschool a little early this year hoping to get done sooner in the spring.


September 2010
As was mentioned in August God provide our meat without going moose hunting.  This gave us more time to finish the last of some summer projects and visit more friends in the bush before we took the airplane off floats.


This year we went to Port Alsworth early.  We usually head down every October for a Ministry Family Retreat that Arctic Barnabas does.  This allowed us to do the annual inspection on the airplane and take a few days of R&R after a busy summer.


October 2010
We returned from the Ministry Family Retreat refreshed and encouraged, it is always a special time for us there.


Adam was able to do more flying for Kokrine Hills Bible Camp.


October is also a busy time in Alaska for meetings and conferences.  After a long summer season it’s a chance to regroup and plan for next year.  Adam attended several and was leading a few.


November 2010
Adam is an Elder in Nenana Community Church.  The Elders have traditionally had a retreat just once a year but are now having two.  It has been a very profitable time of study and prayer.  The fall retreat is also where the next year’s church budget is mapped out.  Adam is the Treasurer, so it can be a busy time.  The Elders went to the indoor shooting range one evening and blasted away for an hour, good stress relief!


The Alaska Airmen’s Association brought Jessica Cox to Alaska for a speaking tour.  The family made the drive to Anchorage to see her and it was well worth the trip.  The Airmen were able to coordinated with friends in western Alaska to have her speak in several villages, she made quite an impression.


Easter and Thanksgiving are some of our busiest times of travel in the bush.  Thanksgiving is big because it is usually the first time you can reliably travel after freeze up.  I said usually, it wasn’t this year!  Remember that I mentioned in the June update that we need to be flexible?  We warmed up to the +40’s and had over 1.75″ of rain.  It melted all the snow and caused a lot of damage to trees, roads, trails and runways.  The airplane had 1/4″ of ice on it  by the time the storm was over.  We had to cancel our plans to travel out to the bush for Thanksgiving.  We have reschedule for the week between Christmas and New Years Day.  Pray with us that the trip can happen as planned.


We filled out a questionnaire for a supporting church that helped us see what God has done for us through the years.  It also helped us think about our future plans and needs.  It was a good exercise, tedious but good.  If you would like to see what our answers were contact us and we will send you a copy of the completed questionnaire.


December 2010
I was able to use the City Of Nenana’s two portable 400,000 BTU heaters with our 60′ parachute and after four hours was able to melt the ice off the airplane.  Made me think of how much a blessing a shop/hangar would be.


After the warm and wet Thanksgiving we are having colder than normal weather now.  It has not got above zero Fahrenheit for over two weeks and in we have been in the -30’s for most of this week.  The forecast says it should return to normal (+5f high and -10f low) next week.  Again pray that we will be able to get folks together in the bush the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.


Looking Ahead:
After saving for over 10 years we have started purchasing and scrounging materials for a shop/hangar.  Adam is finalizing plans and design, we hope to start building Spring 2011.  We still need some resources but many have pledged materials and expertise and we feel that we can at least get to the “pole barn” stage with concrete floor by Fall 2011  Some of you have expressed interest in coming up to help with this project, others have asked how they can help with the some of the needed resources, contact us and we can fill you in with what is needed.


As you have read it has been a busy Summer and Fall, God has been good to us and we are blessed to be here serving Him.  We are excited about the rest of the Winter and the Summer ahead.  Pray for safety as we travel in the bush visiting friends, bringing the gospel and Christian fellowship.