2009 Updates

January 15th, 2009
Near Record Warmth
After what seemed too long of a cold snap we are experiencing a heat wave and things are melting everywhere.  It went from -50 to +50 in a couple of days!  We were praying for a little warmer weather so we could get back to flying but this is crazy, be careful what you pray for!
January 13,2009
Long Cold Snap In Nenana
We have just come out of one of the longest and deepest cold snaps in recent years.  More pictures and details coming soon!  Check out our Weather Station to see what the temperatures are now.
O’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas Tree.
It may not look like -50 and noon but it is!
February 07, 2009
Well I’ve done it….  I’m on Facebook now.  It is amazing how many folks are there and how easy it is to find out what folks are doing these days.  I’m not sure how Facebook will change what we do here on the website but I’m sure it will be a great way to keep in closer contact with some of you.
It’s been an unusual winter so far, weird weather, health issues and crazy schedules.  As you can see for the previous post it has been cold and then hot and now cold again.  Speaking of weather stuff, have you noticed the new way I’m doing the weather here on the site?  I was able to change the way I upload the information so now I don’t have to keep my computer on and hooked up to the internet 24/7.  Weather Underground and Weatherlink are hosting my weather station and it has greatly simplified things on my end, plus saved some money on our power bill.
In October I came down with double pneumonia and I was unable to fly most of the month.  I received a head injury in November when a jack failed as I was repairing flood damage to our storage building.  I needed 6 deep stitches and 10 staples.  The girls thought that it was cool that Daddy had a zipper in his head!  I took myself off flight status for most of November to make sure that there were no side effects to being hit in the head.  Otherwise we have been relatively healthy minus the standard winter colds and sniffles.
God is using all of these things for His glory and there are a lot of good things that are happening. The kids program (AWANA) that we help lead here in Nenana is going great, we have averaged close to 30 kids every week. Most of the kids come from families that will not come to church. I just finished leading Financial Peace University Sunday nights at church, very timely with the way the economy is headed. Our work in the bush is showing fruits, we plan to head to Lake Minchumina again soon for several days of Bible study and fellowship.
I have been Mr. Mom this week as Lyndy has had a chance to visit with good friends at Arctic Barnabas.  The girls and I have enjoyed a week of “Science with Daddy” for homeschool, Lyndy made me promise that I wouldn’t blow the house up!  The house is not in shambles and we have not starved to death but we are all looking forward to her return tomorrow night!  If you have heard about Mt. Redoubt, we are 320 miles north of it and are in no danger from any potential eruption.  However Lyndy has been right across Cook Inlet from the volcano all week and we have been keeping a close eye on the webcams
Completely changing the subject….  I have been active in the Alaska aviation community for years in several different ways.  One of them has been serving on the Board of Directors of the Alaska Airmen’s Association as Northern Regional Director.  Well if you haven’t heard yet, I was recently elected to the office of President of the Board; it is quite an honor.  You can imagine the jokes about me being the President and living in “The White’s House”.
The girls want supper and I’ve used up all my “computer time” to quote Natalie, so I better finish this up.
Thank you for your prayers and support, we couldn’t be here without them.
Adam for “The Girls”
March 14, 2009
Adam needs your prayers.  After a week of not feeling well and having bad stomach pains he went to the Doctor yesterday.  After several test  they are very concerned about his gall bladder.  They plan to start with an ultrasound first thing Monday morning and then go from there.  We will keep this website and Facebook updated with the latest information.  Thank You for your prayers.
March 17, 2009
Just a quick update.  The girls were a little confused when we told them that I was going to have an ultra sound the other day.  Their only exposure to that procedure has been with Lyndy and pregnancy.  They knew that I “couldn’t have a baby in my tummy” so why would I let them do that to me?  After a good laugh we had some explaining to do.  The test went OK but raised more questions than answers and I have an MRI scheduled Thursday at 8:30 am Alaska time.  We will keep you posted.  Thanks for the prayers!
March 20, 2009
After what seemed like forever in the MRI machine yesterday, the test showed that Adam has a cyst on the common duct of the gall bladder.  Apparently it is full of gall stones and should be removed.  Adam has an appointment next Thursday with a surgeon to find out what the next steps are.
March 25, 2009
Surgeon in Fairbanks said my condition is too much for him. So they have sent my records to Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle.
March 27, 2009
The Doctors in Seattle say that whenever the Redoubt Volcano lets the aircraft start flying I should get down there so they can run more tests and take out the 10mm (7/16″) gall stone and 5cm (2″) choledochal cyst.  We are not sure about travel plans yet. Our insurance doesn’t cover any transportation cost and we have a $5K deductible.  After last Fall’s medical bills we have used up most of our Health Savings Account (HSA).
March 31, 2009
Thank you to everyone who has asked how you can help!  Prayer is the most needed thing still.  The Redoubt Volcano is still disrupting travel plans for thousands of folks.  We are in the process of figuring out schedules, timelines and travel arrangements.  Several of you have asked how you can help financially, The Master’s Mission has sent up a separate account for my medical needs.  Follow this link to find out how to give; http://www.mastersmission.org/donations please specify that the gift is for Adam’s medical fund.
April 1, 2009
We are still waiting for the hospital to let us know when they can work me in the schedule.  We had hoped it would be the week of April 13th but we are not sure now.  We are grateful that we have been given enough air miles to get both Lyndy and myself to Seattle.  Pray that my health holds till we can get there, so far I’m doing OK but I have very little energy and can tell that things are not right.
April 4, 2009
Still no word from the scheduler at the hospital, it’s a little frustrating.  At first they were pretty adamant that I get down ASAP, now they are acting like it’s not an important thing.  I think I may have messed up when I told them that I was not in any pain at the moment.  Mt. Redoubt is still blowing steam and ash, although not as much as before, flights are being delayed off and on.  It should not pose much of a problem in getting south whenever they decide they want me there.
April 8, 2009
This morning we had to express mail Adam’s MRI images to the Seattle hospital. Adam learned, by chance, that they’ve had incomplete information these last 2 weeks. We thought the Dr saying, “we’ll send them your medical records” meant they would send his records. Fool me once…
April 12, 2009
He has risen!  Happy Easter!
We had a great time at church today and enjoyed the community potluck afterward.  The girls wanted to got playing in all the puddles and ride the fourwheeler this afternoon but we had to take the customary Easter pictures first.  Don’t tell the doctors but Adam had fun today.  We hope to talk to the doctors in Seattle tomorrow and find out what they think after getting all of Adam’s records.
April 15, 2009
Still no word from the doctors in Seattle.  I am calling every day, trying to become the squeaky wheel.  I am still in no pain but have noticed a drop in energy and can tell that things are not right.  Thanks for the prayers, we will let you know when we hear more.
April 21, 2009
Silly me, I thought when the scheduler for the Dr. said we should know something Monday or Tuesday I thought he meant this Monday or Tuesday.  Apparently the Dr. is out of town till next week.  So I asked which is better if I have another attack, emergency surgery in Alaska by Dr.’s that are not qualified or a $60K Medivac bill to Seattle.  The response, we will get another Surgeon to look at your MRI tomorrow Mr. White.
April 29, 2009
Finally heard from Seattle!  I have several appointments the week of June 8th, surgery will be on June 12th.  Had hoped it would have been sooner but at least we have progress!
May 16, 2009
Bad Day In Nenana
It was a bad day in Nenana for a couple of pilots.  A Cessna 170 stalled after getting airborne during a high-speed taxi and two hours later a Maule M4-220 ground looped on landing.  None of the three persons involved were physically injured, their pride and pocketbooks were though.  Adam and his Dad were able to help with the recovery and removal of the planes.
June 1, 2009
Lyndy and I are getting ready to head to Seattle, the girls will be staying here in Alaska with friends and my sister.  I have been feeling fine for the past month, but the usual and persistent aches and pains have been hanging around.  Now that I know what’s going on it has been a little spooky to know what the normal aches and pains are caused by .  Although I am not looking forward to the surgery I am looking forward to finally getting this behind me.  We hope to be able to update the website and Facebook while in Seattle.
June 6, 2009
We made it to Seattle. Looking forward to attending the Church Lyndy went to growing up. The Dr. visits start bright and early Monday morning.
June 8,2009
Today went good, feel like a pin cushion, but it went good.  Also talked to the Dr. that will be running the camera I am to swallow in the morning.  He said that he will give me copies of the pictures, cool!
June 9,2009
The test today showed a few other things that we did not know about.  Nothing major but I have a pancreatic stint in now to help with the ducts, I also had several restrictions in my esophagus that they had to tear to get the camera down.  I have some pain but it’s manageable.  We need your prayers.  I no longer have a slot in the operating room, some scheduling mess up.  They are trying to rearrange a few other folks to try to get me in, if they can’t that means heading back to Alaska then coming back down some other time.  That is not really an option for us right now.  Please pray that this can be done now and not later!
June 10,2009
Prayer works, I will have the surgery Saturday morning!  They were able to rearrange a few things I guess.  Now if my pain goes down Lyndy and I will be tourist for a couple of days.
June 12, 2009
I have my pre-operation appointment at 9am PST today (Fri.). We should know more about times and details about Sat. morning and the surgery then.
June 12, 2009 Part Two (The frustrating part)
Well my surgery has been bumped till Monday, who knows why.  They caught me right before I started the “bowel cleanse” regime, I really would be a grizzly bear if they made me do that twice!
So the current plan (we’ve learned it’s subject to change) is that I show up at the hospital Monday morning at 6am PST to start getting ready for the 4+ hour surgery.  They will be cutting me open from sternum to belly button and want me walking the same day.  In order for that to happen I will have an epidural for three days so I will walk, we were told that without it I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain (somehow I believe them).  It appears that I will be in the hospital for a week, I was also told that I am to do nothing for three weeks after I get out of the hospital.
Pray that things really happen Monday and that my recovery goes well.
June 15, 2009
Seems everything is a go for surgery today @ approximately 8am pacific time. Expectation is about 4 hours under the knife followed by 7 days of “R&R” on the hospital’s 10th floor. Will post an update after he wakes up…
June 15, 2009 Part Two
Finally we can tell you Adam has had his surgery!  It took about 3 hours and quoting the surgeon “went smoothly with no surprises.”  Wonderful words to hear!  His gallbladder is gone, along with that cyst (it had multiple stones) and some of the ductwork that was troublesome.  There was no need to rebuild the ductwork out of Adam’s own small intestine and the pancreas didn’t need any adjustments.  After some time in recovery they brought him to a private room (#1056), another answer to prayer!  Because it is private I can stay with him overnight for these next 7 days.
This evening he is uncomfortable and adjusting to all the tubes and monitors attached to him.  One detail we discovered after the surgery is that he cannot eat or drink, at all, for five days.  This is to let the stomach and intestine heal together where they are now connected.  With all the other pain in his abdomen, he might not miss it…too much.  We have confidence in the care he is receiving, Virginia Mason is well known and awarded for their gastrointestinal surgery success, not eating or drinking however, is hard!  In five days they will take out the stomach tube that is pulling out all the digestive juices we naturally have in there, and he will be able to start drinking clear liquids then.
Tomorrow the plan is that he needs to be up and walking.  That will be a sight!  Three nurses will need to follow to corral all those tubes and machines.  The sooner he walks the better his healing and ability to fight off pneumonia and blood clots.
Another detail we learned today is a follow-up appointment needs to be scheduled for next Wednesday with the surgeon.  Because of the timing we will need to change our plane tickets home to accommodate that.  Thankfully Aunt Bonnie, staying with the girls now, has some flexibility too!
One more detail: the surgeon shared why Saturday surgery was cancelled.  Saturdays aren’t standard for his team and it wasn’t possible to pull together everyone he needed for the procedure.  He decided it was more important to have the entire team then to hodge podge Adam’s cyst removal.  Fine with us Doc!
Because there is no wifi in Adam’s room (#1056) here is a good way to get messages to him, the staff will print out whatever comes in and deliver it to his room.
Thanks for all the encouragement you’ve given us and prayers you’ve covered us with.
June 19, 2009
Adam has decided that a hospital is no place to rest!  Right now he is miserable through a combination of factors, including not sleeping because of throat pain, and is holding out for Saturday morning when the stomach tube is removed from his esophagus.  The doctors are encouraging about his progress and healing, so he is soldiering on.
When his cyst was removed Monday the surgeon immediately sent it to be examined by the laboratory and today the report came in that there were no cancerous cells found of any kind.  Though there were no markers to be concerned about, this type of cyst can turn malignant.  The large visible stone in the cyst was accompanied by other smaller ones, and no, we can’t keep them.  We even asked a couple of times.
Right now we’re told this is the schedule: Saturday the stomach tube comes out, Sunday he can have small sips of water and apple juice.  Monday he can have unlimited clear liquids and depending how his system handles everything, other foods can be introduced slowly in the week.  As soon as he is able to keep himself hydrated, manage his procedure area pain with pills rather than IV drugs and he is moving around self-sufficiently, he’s outta here!
Feel free to use the hospital e-mail message service here  Many messages have come through already and they’ve helped to keep him encouraged and give him something else to think about.
The next update will probably be sometime late Saturday.
June 21, 2009
Saturday morning the stomach tube was removed and it has made a huge difference.  He felt better instantly and slept much better last night giving him more energy and better attitude today.  The big event of today is food!  Well, water and juice anyway 🙂  He is sipping his way along with only small measured amounts and feeling good.  Tomorrow he ramps up to all the pudding he can eat!  The anesthesiologist is optimistic about transitioning to pills tomorrow which would allow the epidural and catheter to be removed and also allow for a full shower.  Some other things happening in the next few days are removal of the 24 staples at the incision and a “quick” procedure to remove the pancreatic stent placed two weeks ago when the scope was put down his esophagus.
The hours are really sailing by and it looks like Tuesday or Wednesday for discharge with a follow-up with the surgeon two days later.
A great encouragement was Adam’s dad flying in from Atlanta and spending the weekend.  It was intended to be a surprise for Adam but even highly anesthetized he figured it out!  
Looks like we’ll be traveling home Saturday if there are no complications or setbacks.
June 23, 2009
Today Adam was discharged!  Everything happened as expected with transitioning to pills, final procedures and a happy pudding day.  He’s graduated to eating whatever he’d like and we are still in Seattle for follow-up with the surgeon this week.  We are both looking forward to being home Saturday.
For the next 3 weeks he’s under doctor’s orders to do NOTHING!  Not even drive.  Don’t stop praying yet! 🙂
June 26, 2009
We are going home tomorrow!  We fly back to Fairbanks Saturday after being gone for three weeks.  Adam is doing much better and is dealing with a lot of stomach muscle pain but is improving more and more everyday.  Thank you for all the e-mails, calls and prayers!
June 28, 2009
Completely, totally and utterly exhausted but glad to be home!
July 28, 2009
We’ve been home for a month already?  We are grateful and blessed by all of the cards, calls and e-mails about Adam’s recovery.  Thank you so much for your prayers!  Adam is doing great and almost back to 100%.  He still gets tired pretty quick but the surgery fixed a lot of problems and he feels better than he has in a long time.
We are plugging along with all of the summer projects and activities.  It is certainly summer in Alaska, we are dealing with fires again!  This link has all the latest official news http://inciweb.org/incident/1725/ We are safe for the time being but it keeps getting closer and closer and closer….
Nenana has weather cameras at the airport now!  This link http://akweathercams.faa.gov/sitelist.php will take you to the list of cameras and you can scroll down and find Nenana.  They won’t let you go directly to the camera you want for some reason, gotta love the FAA.  The North West camera looks directly towards our house, you can’t see our place but that’s where we are.  You can see the smoke from the fires most of the time in the NW and SW cameras.
We continue to use Facebook and are amazed by all the folks that are using that to keep up with each other.
September 27, 2009
We are preparing to fly to Port Alsworth this week to attend Arctic Barnabas’ Ministry Family Retreat.  Pray that the weather will be good enough to fly and that Lyndy and Natalie get over their colds.  Look for an update when we get back!
Adam is doing great and has almost  fully recovered from the surgery.  The check up and blood work done in Fairbanks last week looked really good.  He will need to fly back to Seattle this December to have a round of test and images done.  Thanks for your prayers!
October 5,2009
We had a great week in Port Alsworth!  Look here for a few pictures and our flight path to and from.  It is always encouraging to spend time with other missionaries and recharge.
November 2,2009
We are finally all on the mend.  I (Adam) never really got sick but Lyndy and the girls all had the flu and multiple colds over the past month.  Sabrina had it the worst and still has a low fever.
Winter has finally come to Alaska.  We now have snow and sub-zero temps.  We were wondering if fall would end, we were not complaining, the weather was great!
Fall is usually a slow time for us as we are waiting for the rivers to freeze so we can get back out to the bush.  This fall was busy, Adam was able to fly out to a grass strip and help some friends a few days ago.  He has also been traveling around for aviation meetings and conferences.  He has also been able to do some maintenance on the airplane since the weather was so nice.  Adam is also teaching Sunday nights at church and still works the radio Saturday nights.  Lyndy is very busy with teaching children church, Cubbies and Homeschooling the girls.
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