2008 Updates

If a snowbird is someone who heads south during colder weather what should we be called for heading south during the warmer months, baked Alaskans?  We are getting ready for a trip “outside” during May and June and hope to be able to see a lot of you from the Midwest to the East coast.  It’s been way too long since we have seen some of you and we want to be able to share with you face to face what God has been doing here in Alaska.  Please contact us if you don’t hear from us soon, we don’t want to miss a chance to see you.
Winter is over for the most part but spring is really having to fight it’s way in.  We have received more snow in the past week than we did through most of the winter, and I was getting ready to take the skis off the airplane.  Speaking of flying, the plane is doing great and we continue to travel around and visit folks in the bush.  When we are not flying we are very busy here in Nenana with Church, AWANA, volunteering at the radio station, Homeschooling, EMT runs and being a freight staging area for folks coming in and out of the bush.
Click on this link to see a map of our travels in 2007.   2007_flights_small.pdf
Take a look at some of the new pictures from the summer and the new prayer card.  Keep checking back for more updates!
Flooding In Nenana
We have made it home and are trying to get caught up with the short Alaska summer.  Please pray for Nenana!  We are experiencing flooding here and the river is not expected to drop in the next few days as more rain is expected.  We are fine and have very little water around our house but others in town are not as fortunate.  This link to the river gauge here in town will keep you posted on our situation.
Things are slowly starting to improve.  Adam has been able to get around with our canoe.  Here are a few pictures that might help see what is going on.
Adam was able to take up the Mayor in the plane to survey the area.  As you can see the is water just about everywhere.  We are still dry here at the house.
Adam and his Dad getting ready to survey the town.  This is just a half block from our house.
The Fire Chief (riding in the loader bucket) was out checking on things also.
Adam has become a water taxi for folks that can’t get out on there own.  Thankfully the store has remained open.
Some houses have water standing in them.