2007 Updates

Here’s a quick update.  Adam was able to fly out to McGrath with Rob Bennett, Karl & Kristan Thieme of VFCM this week.  The McGrath Translator is on the air, one down eleven to go!  After several days of weather delays getting out there the installation went well and the folks are very excited to have Christian radio to listen to.  We have posted some of the pictures on the pictures page.
The weather has been the topic of discussion for a lot of folks lately.  Many of you in the “lower 48” were colder than us a few weeks ago, but despite the rumors of global warming we are back to -40f for our overnight lows and -15 for the daytime highs.  Winter will not let go that easy despite the longer days and higher sun angles.
We continue to travel out with the airplane as a family and visit with folks in the “Bush”.  The group in Minchumina continues to be a big event for us every month, it’s a few days of fellowship that is a rare for those attending.  Adam picks up a couple of folks in the airplane and brings them over for the study so they can benefit from the time too.  We finished studying Ephesians in January, (it only took us 2 1/2 years) we started The Truth Project in February and it’s going great!  We did one lesson a day and have finished three so far, there have been hours of discussion after the lessons and it’s a thought provoking study.
While we were in Minchumina the FAA tracked us down by phone and asked where our plane was and after they were satisfied that it was on the ground and we were safe (even though we canceled our flight plan when we landed) they started asking Adam where all the other planes were that are based in Nenana.  Needless to say this was a little unusual and unnerving, finally there was a break in the questions and Adam was able to ask what was going on.  The FAA had received a weak and broken Mayday call close to Nenana and they were trying to figure out who it might have been.  We later found out that a DC4hauling 3000 gallons of diesel fuel from Fairbanks to a remote mine had an engine fire in flight and crashed not far from Nenana.  No one was hurt and a Military Medivac helicopter was on maneuvers in the area at the time and was able to pick up the crew within minutes of the plane going down.  It is nice to know that the FAA is really there to help despite the aviation joke to the contrary.
The other areas that we are involved in continue to go well.  AWANA is going great and we average 18 kids every week, that’s a good percentage of that age group in Nenana.  Adam keeps getting response to The Bluegrass Hour and his time “on the air”.  Don’t forget you can hear him read the weather forecast and do “Mukluk Messages” every Saturday from 4pm till 7am Sunday Alaska time on KIAM’s website, sorry but “The Bluegrass Hour” is not available online.  Adam has been asked to serve on the board of the Alaska Airmen’s Association, a statewide aviation advocacy group, as the Northern Regional Director.
We have left the past few updates here on the front page because some of you may not have received the notification that we had posted them.  We upgraded our computer a couple months ago and we are still getting things set up.  The same goes for the picture page.  Thanks for checking in to see how we are doing, let us hear from you sometime.
It’s been a busy spring, summer and fall.  We apologize for not updating the website in such a long time.  We hope to get a complete update posted soon but here is a brief synopsis of what’s been happing the past few months.
We are battening down the hatches in preparation for winter temps, autumn seems to be on it’s way out, along with the wind whipped leaves this week. Moose hunting season has wrapped up and though Adam didn’t pull the trigger the freezer is full and we are thankful to the friend that graciously passed along what wouldn’t fit in his own freezer. With all the meat cut up and camping gear hauled out of moose camp, homeschool has begun with Sabrina in 1st grade and Miriam following behind in pre-school. They are eager to get started everyday and today told me they want to be authors, scientists or cashiers when they grow up.
Our favorite flying season has come to an end this week as Adam has switched the plane off of floats and onto wheels. With most homes in the bush being adjacent to rivers or lakes it’s limiting to be on wheels, we will be waiting for ‘freeze-up’ to switch to skis and have access via the frozen waterways to the more remote families we visit for Bible study. We did finish The Truth Project (from Focus on the Family) with believers in Lake Minchumina in a unique fashion this summer, rather than the once a week small-group schedule it’s designed for, we would study 3 or 4 sessions during our multi-day get together and had very good results. It seems having the continuity strengthened the lesson impact and also encouraged deeper discussions, we all grew during the experience.
We are privileged to have been able to cooperate with Voice For Christ Ministries this summer to install new translators throughout the state for broadcasting Christian radio. (The translator is a small amount of equipment, including a satellite dish, that receives the radio signal and then broadcasts that signal locally for radios to tune in.) There was also the unexpected news in May that every existing translator needed to be manually re-aimed in June to continue receiving their signal. Adam was able to lend a hand with installations and pilot the flights needed in June (plus one road trip) and traveled 6000 miles that month, the same as driving New York to LA to Fairbanks, Alaska. July and August weren’t quite as busy but still had 5 installs into villages with no Christian radio. In all Adam was involved with 9 new translators and 11 realignments and able to accompany VFCM’s newly arrived pilot on enough flights to accustom him to Alaska. There are now people hearing of God in places of Alaska that haven’t had any consistent Christian witness and we are thankful for the 24 hours of God honoring programs and music they can listen to.
This next week the AWANA program in Nenana is beginning and we are both involved in leading again this year. Sabrina and Miriam will be participating and we like to tell Natalie she’s our mascot, 🙂 next year she will be old enough to also join in. Later in the week we look forward to the opportunity of attending a retreat for Alaskan missionary families for fellowship and rejuvenation.
Thank you for praying for your Christian brothers and sisters in Alaska.
Together serving Him,
Lyndy for ‘The White House’