2006 Updates

Many of you know that Lyndy’s Dad has been dealing with a brain tumor for a few of years.  Today he woke up in Glory not having to deal with the pain and confusion that he endured here in his earthly body.  We are making arrangements to travel to Washington state to be with Lyndy’s Mom.  Please pray for us during this time of grief and celebration.
It’s been rather cold here lately and cabin fever has been harder to stave off.  Lows at night have dipped to -57f while the highs have just today gotten above -20.  As a result, travel of any kind has been limited and flying has been out of the question for most of January.  Another event that has piqued our concern as we travel has been the activity of Mt Augustine, an active volcano 370 miles south of us.  It has been spewing ash and the cloud has drifted over us here in Nenana although none has fallen on us yet.  If you don’t already know, volcanic ash is one of the most dangerous things to an airplane in flight.  Check out the official Augustine website for current pictures and ash fall predictions.  
We have been busy with other activities while we have been stuck close to home.  Adam passed his Technician Class FCC test and is now officially a Ham, now he just needs some equipment to try out his new call sign, KL1YC.  The cabin expansion continues to progress, slowly, but we are making headway.
Sabrina and Miriam continue to do home school projects with Lyndy.  Sabrina has surprised us by what she can read.  An example, the other day when she and Adam walked to the store she picked up a package of Fun Dip candy and read the name right away, it was her first time spontaneously reading and without help (she has never seen the stuff before that we know of).  Adam caved in and bought it for her, the girls really do have their Dad wrapped around their fingers.  Miriam is learning a lot too and is becoming quite the singer, go to the A / V Files page to hear her sing for you.
Adam has been asked to upgrade his EMT to a level two so he will start that training in a couple of weeks.  The Bluegrass Hour still generates several responses every week.  Just last week Adam got a call from a listener using a satellite phone who lives out in the bush saying how much he and his wife enjoy the program.  They make it a special event in their week,eating homemade pizza during the program.  Another listener wrote to further discuss some of the spiritual things Adam has been talking about.
We had a funny reminder a couple of weeks ago that we are not the only folks here dealing with cabin fever.  There was a community meeting at the civic center here in Nenana concerning the possibility of forming a borough (like a county).  What made us laugh was that there was a big handwritten sign on the outside door stating that you couldn’t bring your guns or knives to the meeting and the local Trooper was standing there to make sure you “checked them at the door”.  It’s not the “wild west” but it feels like it sometimes.
Thanks you for all your prayers and cards as we were “outside” to be with Lyndy’s family.  We rest in the knowledge that we will see Bill again and take comfort that he is rejoicing around the throne of God.  We plan to head back to spend a few weeks with Lyndy’s Mom this Summer to help with a few projects around her house and attend Catherine’s (Lyndy’s sister) wedding.
A couple of weeks ago Adam went out on a snowmachine ride.  When we say ride up here we don’t mean down to the store, he went 60 miles South West.  He went to find out how far a friend had made it that was walking a D6 Cat over 120 miles to town.  When Adam found him the Cat had just fallen through the ice and boy was George glad to see Adam.  It took four and a half days to get it out of the hole.  It took two separate tripods made out of big spruce trees and several attempts with the winch on the Cat to pull it out.  The one inch cable broke twice and the Cat was at such an angle in the hole at one point that the engine couldn’t develop oil pressure.  Thankfully no one was hurt and everything is out of the ice.
Easter weekend is one of our busiest times.  Winter has loosened it’s grip, Spring is busting at the seams and it’s a great time for traveling (the weather is warmer and lots of daylight).  Everyone is excited about the coming summer and looking for a chance to visit.  As usual we spent the weekend in Lake Minchumina and flew several others there for Easter services.  It was four days of catching up with friends, celebrating the risen Lord and enjoying the weather. In all Adam flew 10 hours and we had 15 folks there!  One person hadn’t seen anyone but her husband since last June and another commented how great it was to “really study” with other believers.
After two very full weekends and what felt like hundreds of needle sticks to him and by him, Adam passed all the test for his EMT-II.  It’s great training to have and it’s a wonderful way to help those around us.
We continue to make slow progress on the cabin.  It’s hard to keep up with all of our other irons that are in the fire and still build a house.
Homeschooling continues.  Sabrina is reading everything in sight., Miriam not wanting to be left out asked if she could start to learn to read too.
Sabrina has her first loose teeth and Natalie is starting to talk and walk.  The kids enjoy playing outside longer everyday as the temperature get into the mid 30’s.
We have added lots of new pictures with this update!
It’s tough for us to travel into the Bush in the spring, because we are on wheels, waiting for the rivers and lakes to become ice free before we switch to floats. So usually this time of year we are able to catch up on projects and leisurely enjoy the arrival of Spring, but not this year. Adam has been flying a lot lately, some in our plane but also in other folks planes for various reasons. He ferried a PA-12 Super Cruiser down from Fairbanks for a fellow that bought it to learn to fly in. He also ferried an Aeronca Sedan to Nenana for a friend after it’s annual inspection was completed. Adam has had a few opportunities to helpVFCM with some flying, using our plane and then flying their Cherokee Six too.
VFCM’s translator in Ruby was in need of preventive maintenance so Adam and Rob Bennett (VFCM staff member) flew out in our Maule. It didn’t take long to finish in Ruby so the guys had time to stop at Eden Lake Bison Ranch for a visit. It’s always great to see Mickie and John but it was really neat to find out that the visit was an answer to their prayers. Little did we know that they were having troubles with their new calves and were praying that God would restore their health. Adam had no idea that Rob had worked in a feed lot that had over 300 head of bison for several years. So as we were all talking over coffee, Rob asked a few questions that alluded to his knowledge of bison and boy was it neat to see the joy and relief of Mickie and John as they realized that God was answering their prayers! Rob helped them figure out dosages and types of supplements and reassured them that they were already doing everything that he would have been. It is so neat to see God working in the lives of His people! On a side note, Adam found out that he has a bison calf named after him!
Adam was able to take a VFCM staff couple to visit some listeners that had invited them out. Look at the video of the landing in their “potato patch”. Later this week Adam will fly the Blair’s (VFCM staff) to a remote Bed and Breakfast for a well deserved week vacation. Another trip with VFCM staff was to their station in Bethel using VFCM’s Cherokee Six. After years of struggling to keep a worn-out transmitter on the air God provided a brand new one! Adam helped get it in the building and helped with a few other projects too. It is such an encouragement to the listeners to have a clean and strong signal to hear.
Speaking of encouragement, God has been given us a lot of it lately. Adam received a letter from a listener of “The Bluegrass Hour” that was a real blessing. The following is a quote:
“The Bluegrass Hour audience knows you are a real person caring for your listeners because you tell us of your own life’s ups & downs, joys & sorrows, hardships & frustrations with bush life, and how God got you through each one with His grace and peace. Adam, God has given you the ability to mix all these songs together with your own personal experiences and give character & life to the Bluegrass Hour. We are privileged to have you as our friend.”
We also have had great encouragement from Arctic Barnabas. A college classmate of Adam serves with them and he and his family came by for a visit. It was great to catch-up on old times and hear how God is working through-out Alaska. A group of “Minute Men” from Arctic Barnabas are coming next week to help with the cabin expansion!
As I’m sure your aware fuel prices are on the rise and we fully expect to see $5 a gallon Avgas this year, it’s over $4.50 already. Thanks to several folks sending additional support we have been able to purchase Avgas at a lower price for the busy summer flying season. We estimate that we will have been able to save over $1000 this summer by not having to purchase small amounts of fuel at retail pump prices. We are excited about Spring Hill Baptist Church having our Avgas needs be their mission project for this year’s VBS.
We have switched to floats now and are catching up on some flying and trying to get ahead before we head “outside” in a few weeks. Lyndy’s sister is getting married July 1st, almost 10 years to the day from our anniversary (July 6th 1996) and Adam is going to do a lot of work on Lyndy’s Mom’s place. We will drive down to Western Washington and plan on spending some time visiting in the area so expect us to get in touch with you soon. Adam also hopes to get some upset training while in the Seattle area, no it’s not counseling, it’s mild aerobatic training. It should help with the airplane’s insurance rates and will qualify as a bi-annual flight review, besides just being fun to do.
The girls are enjoying the warmer weather but are sad that AWANA is over till fall. They both really enjoyed studying the memory verses and games, Miriam gets to continue in Cubbies next year and Sabrina is so excited to be moving up to Sparks. Sabrina has lost her two front bottom teeth, it’s been fun to watch her learn how to chew and talk with them gone. Miriam is such a big helper with everything and always has a song on her lips. Natalie continues to bring a smile to everyone she comes in contact with and is running everywhere now. Lyndy looks forward every week to a Bible study with a few other ladies here in Nenana. Besides the chance to visit with adult females it’s a good opportunity to grow closer to good friends.
We hope you have picked up on our excitement of what God continues to do here in Alaska.
Hello to everyone~
     Lyndy here doing an update.  We’ve had unusual events this past week: a 60,000 acre wildfire is burning outside of Nenana.  Adam is out working the fireline, so I’ll step in and take care of letting you know what is going on.
     This wildfire is human caused and began Wednesday, June 7th, when someone was burning trash.  As it grew Thursday and flight restrictions were being proposed to clear the airspace for fire-bombing aircraft Adam moved the plane out of the float pond and to the river.  Our pond is thickly lined with trees on one side and would give no protection for N412EP.  The girls and I left Friday night when wind driven flames were 40 feet in the air about 3/4 mile from our cabin, Adam stayed, planning to protect the house until a mandatory evacuation was called but with his EMT skills might be needed to assist with that event.  Strong winds had pushed the flames up to the float pond edge and was, at this point, uncontrollable.  As time grew short we got a few calls out and I know that many were praying fervently for us, thank you.  Now that Adam has traveled around and seen the paths and destruction of the fire I asked him what had actually stopped the flames from jumping the pond and heading toward us that night, he said “God.”  If the fire had somehow crossed the airport it would have encountered the uninhabited woods of 10th and 9th streets until 8th where Nenana’s Elder Apartment Living Center is and two homes.  We, along with 2 neighbors, are the only residents of 7th street, our back door neighbor, on 8th street, left just before we did.
     Adam spent the weekend with little sleep, monitoring the fire and assisting KIAM radio Saturday evening; the radio station has been used extensively to disperse information to residents in our area.  Beginning Sunday afternoon Adam joined our other Nenana volunteer Fire Department personnel in mop-up activities.  They are in Nenana’s fire trucks, patrolling the highway and residential roads south of us on the lookout for flare-ups to put out, setting sprinklers where needed and encouraging people to stay vigilant.  Some are operating heavy equipment to clear fire breaks or suppress hot spots.  His day has been starting at 7:30am with the morning fire briefing and wrapping up with a 10:30pm dinner at the “Forestry Service Diner,” previously the Nenana airport.  Forestry Service has around 500 people working the fire, some having come from California, and their tents, toilets and Quonset hut are set up at the airport.  It’s operating as a city unto itself right now and Adam has commented that any equipment needs are instantly taken care of at the temporary supply depot.  Two semi-trucks are coming in every day with the daily supplies needed to provide for all the people, all the needed fire-fighting equipment is delivered in trucks in addition to those.
     The girls and I arrived home Monday evening after the voluntary evacuation was lifted in Nenana and Adam felt confident our home was safe to return to.  We were well taken care of in Fairbanks at our friends home, the pastor of McGrath Road Baptist Church and able to join them Sunday for services.
     The officials feel Nenana is safe because one end of the airport meets the Tanana River creating our southern and eastern boundaries, and now, a good fire break.  Back burning and clearing have been done at the airport and in other places to ensure fire can’t “creep” around the edges into Nenana.  Three or four homes have been lost south of town, Adam’s comment about the one he has seen was thatnothing was left, just a cleared spot on the ground.  The fire is continuing to travel and is up to 60,000+ acres now, the winds are shifting slightly, gaining strength and pushing the fire toward another small town south of us.  There has been much activity there this Tuesday and Wednesday as they prepare for the worst.
     We had originally planned to drive to the Seattle Washington area Sunday, June 18th to attend my sister’s wedding but will be putting that off for at least another week, we both feel uncomfortable leaving when the fire is not well contained.
     Our thanks for your prayers.  Please continue praying for rain and Adam, they are dealing with many hot spots and last night worked heavily to protect the bulk tanks at Nenana Heating, our local heating oil and fuel distributor.
What a busy and exciting Summer, so fast paced that it’s been hard to get an update posted for awhile.  This update will be a little longer than normal and we have a lot of pictures to share too, so get comfortable.
First, thank you for your prayers concerning our safety during the fire.  That was something we hope to never have to go through again, but unfortunately it’s a normal part of living in interior Alaska.  We didn’t lose anything in the fire other than sleep, however, there are a couple of families that lost everything.  They are rebuilding and it’s been good to see how everyone pulls together in a crises.  You may have heard of the other major disasters in Alaska this past summer.  The village of  Hooper Bay burned in August and there has been major flooding throughout south-central Alaska this fall.
We were able to make it down to Lyndy’s sister’s wedding with 36 hours to spare!  Our drive down was a fun time and of course it was made more interesting by the alternator failing.  God does provide and we were able to find a replacement in the next town and we also found a park so the kids could play while Lyndy made lunch and Adam changed the alternator.  Our plan to camp most of the nights during the drive was thwarted when we kept seeing bears walking along the Cassiar highway.  We slept in the truck one night and were awakened at 5:30 the next morning to the buzz job of a Twin Otter, we had unknowingly parked along side a remote airstrip.  Lyndy did not share the same excitement as Adam and the girls to that type of alarm clock.
The wedding was great and we enjoyed the time with family.  We took advantage of our time in Washington to visit friends and renew acquaintances at Lyndy’s home church, Vaughn Community Church.  We also helped Lyndy’s Mom with a lot of projects around the house (she is now one of very few that can actually park a car in their garage).  We also took some time to be tourists, visiting the zoo, the Space Needle and enjoying the 4th of July festivities.  A funny side note-the girls didn’t believe that we were going to watch fireworks on the 4th, they said the we must be joking, we only do fireworks on New Years Eve because you can’t see them in the summer time.  We had to remind them that it does get dark at Grandma Sigman’s house in the summer.  We also were able to visit two special friends that we met throughMukluk messages on KIAM.  One lady is the Mom of a good friend in the bush and the other used to operate the Tolovana Roadhouse with her late husband after WWII.  We also celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary while in Washington.
The drive back home had it’s share of excitement too, while waiting in bumper to bumper traffic in 100+ temps we had a heater hose break as we were in the no-man’s land between the U.S./Canadian border stations.  It’s a funny story now but it was a little frustrating at the time.  Adam was able to plug the hoses with wood cut from the manicured landscaping while Lyndy and the girls carried more than two gallons of water in a couple of cups from a water fountain a 1/4 mile away!  We had only two folks out of the more than two hours of continuous traffic flow ask if we needed any help.
Two weeks after we arrived home Granny & Pop (Adam’s folks) came up for a grand kid fix.  We enjoyed having them visit and got a lot done on the upstairs of the house.  The girls have their own bedroom with a toilet and sink now.  There is an office area and built in bed for Adam and Lyndy.  We are using all of the addition now, the last thing to do is paint the inside and lay the finished floor but that must wait till we can leave the windows open, next spring.  We had hoped to be able to finish everything before the fall but Adam seriously injured his left ring finger in an electric planner accident, it’s half the normal thickness now.  The finger has healed well but it will be many more months before full motion and feeling return, if it returns at all.
The annual inspection of the airplane went well and we continue to be blessed by such a wonderful tool.  We now have our own float dolly that Adam and a friend built.  This allows us to get the airplane out of the water for maintenance without needing to borrow someone else’s equipment.  We are still looking for a way to lift the airplane to do gear changes, up till now we have borrowed a friends lift truck or the city’s loader but those are getting harder to schedule.  On a different note we recently received final word of an Airworthiness Directive (AD 2006-20-09 for the aviation folks) that will greatly affect us.  It basically requires us to replace the engine’s crankshaft, at our expense, if we have to “split the case” (get deep into the engine for repairs) or upon reaching 2000 hours operating time or 12 years whichever happens first.  If we buy the parts within the next two and a half years they will cost $2,000 and if we need them after the “discount” period they will run $16,000.  At the current rate we will reach the 2000 hour limit just before the 12 year limit, then the crank can be replaced at the overhaul at no additional charge.  So we have a couple of years to make a decision.  We will let you know how it goes.  We are on wheels right now waiting for the snow and ice so we can switch to skis.  Then we can get out and catch up with folks in the bush again.
Moose season was a success.  This year the whole family came out to moose camp and the girls had loads of fun.  They prayed really hard that God would give us a moose and every evening the questions would start.  “Where’s the moose Daddy?”  “Did God show you our moose yet?”  As the season went on the questions started to change.  “How come you haven’t got us a moose yet Daddy”?  “Didn’t God hear me when I prayed to let you get a moose?”  As a Father the last question really hit deep.  We teach our kids that God loves us and that He cares about our needs, we also teach them that God hears our prayers and they have faith and believe completely what their parents have taught them.  So I felt a lot like David in the Psalms crying out to God, reminding him that I have taught my children like I am commanded to in Deuteronomy 6 and being careful to not be like Job and over step my bounds and get “smart” with God but remind Him that my children are really wondering if He hears them and wanting to figure out if He was real, beside I was  wondering too how we were going to eat this winter.  Well, God heard their prayers and he heard my rambling and at sunset the last day of the season, not a minute too soon, our moose walked into the clearing and we have meat.  It was great fun to see the kids realize as they were feeding the meat grinder, labeling Ziploc bags and filling the freezer that God had answered their many prayers, growing confident and secure that God loves them and listens to them.  We are thankful that God has certainly not forgotten or neglected us and can use a moose to remind us of his constant love and provision.  If there had been no moose, we would have helped our girls understand there was surely a better plan that God knew of to provide our needs but often God gives these tangible answers that even Miriam, our 4 year old, can take in.
Another year of AWANA Clubs have started up here in Nenana and this year our whole family is involved.  Miriam and Sabrina are in the Clubs, Adam listens to verses from the Sparks (kindergarten-2nd grade) and TNT (3rd-6th grade) kids and Lyndy is leading Cubbies (3 & 4 year olds) with 20 month Natalie the official Club wiggle worm.  Each week has brought more kids in that aren’t from church attending families in our community, listening to them memorize Bible sections is amazing and they are very excited to earn the associated awards.  We are glad to invest the time needed to be involved in a solid kids program that is unashamedly evangelistic.
We officially started Homeschooling Sabrina this year and she is doing great.  Miriam is right there with her wanting to learn everything she can too, she’s already learning how to read.  It’s a lot of extra work for Lyndy but we are really seeing benefits of teaching them ourselves.  Alaska is a little different than the rest of the U.S. when it comes to Homeschooling, the state really does a lot to help parents that want to homeschool.  We are enrolled in the Raven correspondence program and are able to have the state pay for most of the curriculum and supplies we need to Homeschool Sabrina.
Well I think that pretty much gets you caught up, don’t forget to look at the pictures page.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We pray that you are doing well and enjoying this time with family and friends celebrating our Saviors birth.  We have enjoyed the past week and have been able to slow down and relax just a bit.  Although that wasn’t the original plan, Adam has been sick this week, we had hoped to get out and spend time with friends in the “Bush”.
As we were looking back over the calendar to see what we needed to update you on we realized there are a few thing we hadn’t shared with you.  Probably the biggest is that we have been spending a large part of our time and resources the past few years getting the house done and setting things up to make this our home.  We have finally gotten to the point were we can see the end of that process and for a while now we have been praying that God would show us were He wanted to expand our outreach.  Several opportunities have presented themselves.  Adam was able to travel to Anchorage and attend The Truth Project training conference the first weekend of December.  This is an incredible project that Focus On The Family has started to make sure folks “really believe that what they believe is really real” by encouraging a Biblical Worldview.  We are in the process of working out the logistics to be able to use this DVD based material in our studys with folks in the “Bush”.  We have found that folks have a big struggle with tempering what the world constantly throws at us with what scripture tells us, this is a great resource that will help folks realize that God’s word is still just as viable now as is was when it was written long ago.  Another area we are looking to expand that will allow us to help folks in another practical way is becoming a “coach” with Crown Financial Ministries, which involves being a local contact for folks that are in need of encouragement and advice about living by God’s financial principles in every area of their lives.  Another opportunity that we feel is important for us to become involved in is the VFCM Translator Project.  As you probably know Adam continues to volunteer at the radio station every Saturday afternoon/evening and this has allowed us to keep in contact with folks in the “Bush” in addition to allowing VFCM staff to have some time off, radio is a very important and viable tool in reaching the lost.  VFCM is in the process of placing 12 translators (low power repeaters) across Alaska before October 2007.  This is a major undertaking and Adam has offered to help wherever needed, he was involved in installing the original three translators back in the 90’s.  Adam will be their pilot (in their airplane and occasional in our plane if needed) and help with the actual installation.  This will be a great outreach to areas of Alaska that have very little if any exposure to Christ.  We are still active in traveling into the “Bush” and visiting with folks there discipling and encouraging the believers and giving an answer for the hope that we have in Christ.  We are excited about the new year and look forward to see what God has in store.
There have been a lot of other things happening since we last updated you:
We have good friends at Mission Air Care in North Pole, AK. that allowed us to use their hangar for some preventive maintenance, it’s much nicer to do an oil change inside rather than outside in subzero weather!  The airplane is on skis again and we enjoy the mobility that brings, the new spark plugs have made an improvement in cold starts and helped with the fuel economy.
Sabrina enjoyed her sixth birthday playing glow in the dark Putt-Putt with friends, after we had to postpone it for two weeks because she was sick.  She was a great sport about it, she told us that it was OK not the celebrate on her real birthday because we wait till it’s more convenient to celebrate the Presidents’ birthdays.
We had a unusual reunion with a friend of Adam’s that he hadn’t seen for 18 years.  Billy James found this website while looking into missions in Alaska and we couldn’t believe it when he called and told us he and his family was applying to come work with the radio station.   Billy was here in Nenana for a few days in November and it was great to hear how God has worked in both of our families to bring us closer to Him and how He allowed our paths to cross again.  An interesting side note, Adam’s Mom had sent a couple of newspaper clippings from 1988 of Adam and Billy working at the Covington Airport two weeks before Billy found us on the website.
The Greens, friends of ours in the “Bush” were featured in a report on the 700 club.  Click here to see the Video.
The radio station has updated their website and now post the latest weather forecast read by the current DJ as well the past three Mukluk segments.  You can listen to Adam read the weather every Saturday from 4pm till Sunday at 7am Alaska time and listen to the Saturday 9:10pm Mukluks to hear him read messages to folks in the “Bush”.  Click here to see the new KIAM Page.
Have you noticed the Weather Station links and the current conditions scroll at the bottom of this screen?  This information is from our weather station here at the house, it has become a valuable tool for us in all of our flying.
We have added a Site Index so you can make sure you haven’t missed a page here on the website.