2001 Updates

We hope your Christmas and New Year celebrations went well, we surely enjoyed the holiday season.  Both Lyndy and Adam battled the flu for a few days around Christmas but thankfully Sabrina did not catch anything.  
Looking at the calendar it’s not that long until we will be heading back to Alaska!  Adam has finalized the design for the crates for all of our “stuff” and construction will start soon.  Before crates he first has to get the Subaru running well enough to make it out to Texas and back.  It has developed a bad knock and may need major engine work.  The reason for the trip to Texas is that we have once again been asked to represent The Master’s Mission at LeTourneau University’s Mission Emphasis Week January 22nd through the 26th.  If you are in East Texas we hope to be able to spend a few extra days and see as many of as possible.  If you can, e-mail us your schedule for that week! There is a link on the “Contact Us” page.
     Many of you may not have heard but  there was concern for Sabrina and her not gaining weight fast enough.  Well all the worries are over! She is now above her birth weight and is averaging an ounce a day weight gain.  We had Sabrina’s dedication Sunday January 7th at Covington Christian Church.  Adam did the ceremony and almost could not make it through because both he and Sabrina were crying so much.  See our pictures page for a couple of snap shots.
     Plans are still on for our trip to Texas in a couple of weeks.  We hope to have the Subaru ready for the trip but it remains to be seen if it will be road worthy by then.  Adam has fixed the engine knock and hopes to have the heater problem solved soon.
     We are still waiting for paperwork from the City of Nenana to finalize the lease at the Nenana Airport.  No problems are expected and everything has been agreed to verbally but we are waiting for written documentation before we actually sign anything.
       Thanks for all the feedback, we have found that this is a very effective method of keeping folks abreast of all that is going on.
     Sabrina continues to gain weight and we are all getting a little better at this whole thing.  She is starting to sleep a lot more at night and we are all grateful for the rest.  Sabrina is six weeks old today and it seems like we just came home from the hospital, man how time flies!
     Well the Subaru is back on the road!  After several days of working on it Adam has once again got it road worthy.  The engine noise turned out to be a bad timing belt idler and the ventilation system was quite an involved project.  A word of advice for all of you, do let mice nest in the vents and ducts of your car.  The accumulation of “foreign material” really does a number in preventing the heater from doing it’s job, not to mention the hideous smell.
     We leave for North Carolina today to resupply with literature and other supplies for the trip to Texas.  We will of course take advantage of the time at TMM to show off Sabrina and catch up with all of the folks there.  After Texas the crunch really hits.  We start building crates and packing things and making final preparation for our return to Alaska!
     Our next update to the web page will be after our return from Texas.  We hope to have a few pictures and other wonderful things to share about the trip.  Thanks for your interest!
We had a wonderful and productive time in Texas! We also learned that traveling with a baby can be a little difficult and time consuming.  We were able to make the 700 mile trip in about 22 hours.  (It normally takes 10-12 hours.)  
The main propose for the trip was to represent The Master’s Mission at LeTourneau University’s “Mission Emphasis Week”.  Our goal was to recruit folks to come out on their Spring Break and help with all the projects at TMM’s headquarters in North Carolina and to encourage the students to consider full time Missions.  Adam’s years at LeTourneau were a big factor in where he is today and these annual conferences had a big impact on him.  It was also wonderful to see many of you while we were there.  Sorry if we missed you, we know some of you were sick and others were out of town.
We are on the road again!  This time it’s to The Master’s Mission in North Carolina.  Adam will build our crates, work on the trailer and put the finishing touches on the truck while we are there.  Lyndy and Sabrina will participate in a Women’s Conference the last half of the week.
On February 25th Adam will be ordained at Covington Christian Church, we would like to invite all of you who are able to make the trip.  This will be another valuable asset in Alaska.  We will be sure to post pictures here on the web page.
Well all the crate pieces are built and we have one crate full and are in the process of packing the others.  The time at The Master’s Mission last week was VERY productive and it’s always fun to see the folks there.
As you all know Adam and his Dad will start driving back to Alaska March 17th.  They hope to beat Lyndy, Sabrina and Adam’s Mom who will be flying up March 29th.  We are sorry to say that Lyndy and Sabrina will not be able to stop over in the Seattle area because of ticket prices.  However, we plan to stop by when we come back to the “lower 48” to pick up the airplane next September.  With the threat of all the strikes with the airlines we are praying that there will not be any trouble with their traveling.
A couple of items that we urgently need your prayers on. 1) We are still not sure where we will be living this summer.  We have a couple of leads on houses to rent but nothing very promising.  2) That the funding will come through for the hangar project.  We need to have some sort of structure built to house the airplane and ourselves buy this September.
If you have been keeping up with our calendar page you will notice that our departure date is rapidly approaching.  You also would have seen that Adam was Ordained on the 25th.  It was a wonderful time and it was great to see a lot of old friends.
We now have three of the four crates packed!  We hope that we will have room for all of our stuff.  We also hope that it will all get there in one piece, the roads are notoriously bad.  We have partially solved our housing problem!  The Lord has provided a 27.5 ft 5th Wheel camper!  We have the use of a second truck to pull it to Alaska.  It looks like we will have a caravan heading north.  We only need to find a place to park it till we can get the lot at the airport prepared.
Please continue to pray that the funding for the hangar project will be supplied.  The camper is a great short term solution for our housing dilemma,  we need something more permanent by Fall 2001.
Well ready or not the time has come to head North.  Adam and his Dad and some friends from North Carolina will start the trip tomorrow.  It’s going to be quite a convoy, Adam will drive our truck pulling “the Trailer”, the Doxey’s will be pulling the camper for us and Randy will be driving the Subaru.  That’s right, we were not able to get the Subaru on the trailer so it will have to be driven to Alaska.  If things go according to plan they hope to pull into Nenana 26th, 10 days after they left Covington, GA.
Please pray for good weather and good driving conditions and no mechanical problems.  We hope to have a “travel log” to put on the site by the end of the trip so check back for updates.  Lyndy hopes to get a prayer letter in the mail before she and Sabrina fly North.  We have been extremely busy getting ready for the move, it’s tough to keep up with everything.
Minot, ND
We are ready to cross the US-Can. Border this morning and the trip has gone well so far.  The truck and trailer are extremely heavy (23,000 lbs total) and it’s been slow going but all is going well.  I am averaging 9.5 miles per gallon and am having to downshift quite a lot.  We have had great weather and the road conditions have been fair.  A small bump to a car is magnified when you are this heavy.  Please pray that the border crossing will go well and that there will be no delays.  I will probably not be able to update the page while in Canada so expect more news after I get into Alaska!
Thanks for your prayers and look for a prayer letter in the mail soon.
     Well, we have all made it to Alaska and we are glad to finally be back.  Sorry it has taken so long to get out an update, we now have Internet access.  I will try to give you an overview of the past few weeks.  A lot has happened so bear with me.  Also don’t forget to look at the pictures page for snap shots from the trip.
     The last up date was from North Dakota three weeks ago.  The caravan made it through the Canadian border just fine.  A funny side note, the guard asked “You live in Alaska, where are your guns”. Folks in Alaska are known around the world for there guns I guess.  We were all shocked at the prices in Canada, although the exchange rate almost brought things back to normal.
     We made it to Edmonton without any problems and decided to stop for the afternoon to take in the sites and the West Edmonton Mall.  The world’s largest mall; indoor wave pool, submarine ride, full size theme park indoors, and over 800 stores!  It was a nice change of pace for the thousands of miles behind us. By this time we have been seeing winter weather and below zero temps at night.  The vehicles needed to be plugged in at night so we got a hotel room.
     If you remember the truck is extremely overweight and until Dawson Creek     I had no problems with weight stations.  The officials in British Columbia made me buy an over weight permit for $96, it could have been a lot worse.  They could have prohibited us from going any further without reducing the weight.
Fort St. John was the next stop with excitement.  Suspicious that the block heater was not working on my truck I started tracking down the problem after we set up in an RV Park for the night.  The problem was a bad plug, not hard to fix when you can find a replacement.  You guessed it, I had to buy an extension cord to get a serviceable plug.  That night it got down to -23f and I was thankful that the truck was preheated, it would not have started otherwise.  By the way, the camper gets a little drafty when it’s that cold outside but stays warm none the less.
     Fort Nelson was next.  We actually made it an hour and a half past Ft. Nelson but had to return because the Subaru lost an alternator belt.  If you look at a map you will see that there is not much beyond Ft. Nelson and why we backtracked.  This also gave us time to fix the plug on the Doxey’s block heater.
     Perhaps the most newsworthy event of the trip was the incident in Haines Junction, Yukon.  The long story short, 23 thousand pounds gets squirrelly on an ice covered sloping parking lot.  Despite all my efforts I was unable to stop the truck from sliding down the hill and hitting the last gas pump and the concrete pillar in the gas island.  The pump was leaking fuel and the truck’s left front corner was crumpled.  After some time talking to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (by the way they don’t ride horses anymore and those cool red uniforms are just for show) and the owner of the store we found a place for the night.  The truck will need quite a bit of work to be fixed, good news is that it mostly cosmetic.  There was no damage to the radiator or other mechanically necessary parts.  Thankfully the truck is still road worthy.
     The border crossing back into the US went off with out a hitch and it was great to be back.  The only time we had a problem with weather was when we got to Fairbanks.  It was snowing so hard that the plow trucks could not keep up with the snowfall.  We decided to stay in town for the night and I showed the Doxey’s and my Dad around town.  While we were at a local fur buyer we ran into Nate Turner, a friend of ours that lives in the “Bush”.  We meet for dinner and enjoyed catching up, it was a treat for the Doxey’s to meet Nate and hear about the real Alaska.
     We made it to Nenana with a day to spare before Lyndy, Sabrina and my Mom flew into Fairbanks.  This was just enough time to get the camper set up in a friends yard and clean things up a bit.  It has been great to have my folks here but four adults and a baby in a camper makes for close company.  We took advantage of the opportunity to get out of the “house” and went to the Fairbanks Home Show the last weekend of March.  We were able to make a lot of contacts and look at a lot of neat products and ideas.  I was able to find out about a workshop that the Alaska Cooperative Extension was giving about building in the Arctic.  I attended the workshop last weekend and it was very much worth my time.  It will come in handy this summer!
     Everyone we have seen in town is excited to see us back and we have had a chance to see several friends from the “Bush” on their trips to town.  The City of Nenana has cleared the snow from our lot at the airport and removed the saplings from the building site in the process.  This is a tremendous blessing, this will allow us to start building sooner because we do not have to wait for the snow to melt and take the time to remove the trees.  Of course all of the plans for building are pending on the funds being available.  Please continue to pray that we will be able to build this summer.
     We have started to get settled and acclimated to the weather.  It is still getting cool at night (mid teens to mid twenties) and the days are starting to warm up too.  The camper is doing great and we are grateful for the place to stay.
     We have had several opportunities to get involved in the activities around town.  Lyndy and Sabrina participated in a Ladies night out a week ago and Adam went to the City Council meeting verses spending the evening by himself.  The school had a play a couple of weeks ago and it was neat to see a lot of folks from town.  The most common reaction from everyone is, “wow you guys did come back”. (They don’t say y’all this far north)  We have also run into several folks that live out in the “Bush,” it is always exciting to catch up with their lives.  It makes us impatient, wishing we had the airplane now!
     Speaking of the airplane.  The factory has told us that they are close to finishing the certification process for the gross weight increase.  If you remember from past updatesMaule hopes to increase the useful load a minimum of 300 lbs.  This means that they are very close to starting work on our plane.  I checked the FAA’s web site yesterday and our N number (registration #) has been reserved, N412EP.  We picked that sequence because it’s the closest we could get to Ephesians 4:12 which says; “To prepare God’s people for works of service, so the body of Christ may be built up.”
The City of Nenana has cleared a portion of the airport lot for us!  This will allow the ground to thaw a little faster and we don’t have to worry about standing water.  With the melting snow Adam was able to find the survey markers for our lot and this will save us from having a new survey done.  It is still uncertain if we will be able to build this summer, continue praying for the funding.   We have considered moving the camper out to the lot for the summer, but we need water and power first.  We also need some sort of secure storage for all of our belongings.  The trailer is still loaded with all of our crates because we do not have anywhere else to put them.
     We have added a few new pages to the web site.  The Past Updates page is now divided by year and the Pictures page has three more pages that we will keep updated as things change.
As I am writing this it is snowing!  It’s 34f and the snow is not sticking but Winter is not giving up without a fight!
We are now able to get insurance on the airport property, thanks to a special gift!  This is required by the lease and our activities have been limited up to this point.  We will now be able to get out and clear some more brush and mark the boundary lines and lay out where the building and road will be.
We have found a good source for seagoing containers, $2,000 will get a 40 ft. container and have it delivered to the airport.  This will provide a secure place to store all of our belongings and give us room to actually get to the tools we need to build with.  But first we need gravel to put in a driveway and pad for the container (est. $1,400) and it may be awhile until gravel is available.  Everyone has sold their stockpiles over the winter.  The gravel comes from dredging the gravel pits and rivers and it’s a couple of weeks before they breakup.
We are rapidly approaching deadlines for the short Alaskan building season.  May 11th is the 10 week deadline to have a building on order from the “lower 48”.  If we order by this date we will have it here in time to “dry it in” before we head south to pick up the airplane.  We are still unsure what type of hangar we will be able to build.  We have plans in place for several options ranging from $25,000 (An open ended Quonset hut with no living quarters.) to $300,000 (A 50’x75′ steel hangar with a shop and apartment with radiant floor heat throughout.).  As of the last week of April we do not have enough money to get the container and gravel without using all of our personal savings.  Please pray for God’s provision.
It’s been awhile since we’ve updated the web site but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening.
Spring has finally arrived, officially and technically.  The river broke up and started flowing May 8th, we have seen a boat or two in the river and an airplane flying with floats.  We did get 4 inches of new snow a couple of weeks ago but it’s in the 60’s during the day and down in upper 20’s at night.  The geese and swans are back and the other birds are singing.  This time of year is great.
We have been talking with Voice for Christ Ministries (the radio station) and Adam will start volunteering on the air once a week!  It appears that he will be on the air Saturday afternoons and evenings.  The “Bluegrass Hour” will start back up soon after Adam gets back in the groove of things.  We will let you know when he starts so you can tune in over the internet.
We now have all the paper work finished for the property insurance.  The only hold up to the start of construction is money.   We hope to get a gravel driveway and a 40′ container soon, that’s all we have money for.
The Subaru gave us a scare last week but has lived to run again.  Come to find out one of the timing belts jumped time by 20 degrees after loosing several teeth.  It took awhile to get it put back together because of the weather and getting parts from Fairbanks.  Working outside on a gravel driveway didn’t help much either.  It will be nice to have a hangar to work in.
We have had several opportunities to minister too.  Church is going well and we will start teaching the 7 to 11 year old Sunday School in a couple of weeks.  We had a chance to talk to some friends who had questions about the Jehovah Witness that are coming by their place and we are catching up with other folks that are coming and going.
Well Adam is just about ready to take responsibility for the Saturday evening shift on “The I Am Radio Network”.  You can tune in over the internet and listen anytime 6 Am till midnight Alaska time but if you want to hear Adam listen in 3 PM till midnight Alaska time on Saturdays.  A lot of things have changed in the two years we have been gone but some things are still the same, people still need to hear the message of the Gospel and radio is an excellent first step to starting a relationship.
Adam will have a chance to do some flying soon.  VFCM (Voice for Christ Ministries, they operate the radio station) needs to get a couple of plane loads of material to their station in Bethel.  Adam will be helping out and flying the same plane he flew when we were here previously.  It will be good for him to see the folks in Bethel again but as before it makes us anxious to have our plane here so we can get out and visit folks in the “bush”.
If you look at the center of the aerial picture, just to the right of the dirt road, you can see our lot.  The driveway should be going in very soon and we hope to get a container by the 15th of this month.  This will be just in time for the first work group to help get it leveled, painted, and our things moved into it, they arrive the 19th of June.  As for the hangar, it is too late in the building season to start such a large project.  There is still time to build an unheated Quonset hut type structure that would house the airplane, the container and the camper over the winter.  This would cost around $20,000 to complete, $15,000 for the building and $5,000 for additional site work and foundation.  If you remember from the last update were pretty much broke so we are still in a holding pattern.
The plan was to be living in a hangar before winter so this begs the question, where will we live for the winter?  We have been looking at several different options ranging from renting a house for the winter, building a small cabin in a friends yard that we could move to the airport when we get water and sewer, or somehow making the camper suitable to live in through the -30f winter.  Each of these have their pros and cons, pray for wisdom and God’s provision.
We are putting the finishing touches on a prayer letter right now so keep an eye in the mailbox.  The past few months has been a real stretch of our faith, thank you for your involvement in God’s work in our lives.
Today was our first Sunday of Sunday School.  It went very well and it’s fun showing the kids God’s truth.  We had three boys and hope to add a few girls next week.
We have a culvert waiting to be put in when the driveway is being built.  It should be done sometime this week.  We have a 40′ container now and it will be delivered Friday the 15th.  This will let us finally unload our trailer and get to the things we need.  Check the pictures page for a look at our progress!
This week is going to be a busy week!  The water pump in the truck needs to be changed before we can get to Fairbanks to get the supplies we need to level the container.  We also have a few things to do to get ready for the first work group that’s coming up the 19th.  Adam is scheduled to fly a couple loads of freight to Bethel for VFCM this week.  He has also been asked by the City Assembly to address them Thursday night about the importance of the airport and help them understand a couple of questions the FAA has asked them to answer.  Lyndy will be in a planning meeting for the “Cabin Fever Club” Thursday night too. The container will be delivered Friday morning.  We are also stuffing 275 envelopes getting ready to send out the latest prayer letter.  All this plus the usual things of life!
Adam’s first shift on the radio by himself went great and he enjoyed being on the air again.  “The Bluegrass Hour” will probably start up the first Saturday in July and will be aired at 6 PM so tune in on the internet!
What a busy couple of weeks!  Adam has had an opportunity to fly over 25 hours for VFCM in the span of a week. The work group from Covington, GA is hear and it’s great to have them.  Of course Adam’s folks are excited to see Sabrina again.
The container is very nice to have!  It has been leveled and we have it full with all the things that were in the crates on our trailer.  It is wonderful to have access to things that have been packed away for a long time. It’s amazing how much stuff you can live without.  The next work group that comes up in a few weeks will build shelves out of the old crates so we can organize everything and get to it a lot easier.
The rest of the time the group from Covington is here will be spent on gathering firewood for the long Alaska winter that’s just around the corner.  Speaking of the weather,  we have two very large forest fires burning close to Nenana.  One fire is about 14 miles south of town and the smoke and ashes from the other fire was coming into town and reduced visibility to less than a half mile.  We are in no danger due to the efforts of the firefighters and the winds and of course God’s protection.

The fires are no longer a concern.  Rain has put out the one south of town and the other fire is just smoldering out in the middle of nowhere.  Thanks for everyone asking about us and your prayers.

The group from Covington was a joy to have around and a lot was accomplished.  The next group will be up July 22nd through the 28th and plans have changed as to their projects.  They will now help us build a 12’X16′ cabin that will be a lot easier to heat in the winter.  We have received a gift that will pay for the majority of the construction cost.  We will finish the interior as funds are available.  We would like to have the cabin at the airport but we don’t have water or sewer there and the city won’t allow outhouses.  So we will build the cabin in a friends yard and have access to their plumbing.  The cabin will be constructed so it will be easy to move out to our lot at the airport when we get a well and septic system.


We still hope to build a hangar at the airport when the funds are available.  We are  pressing on and are looking forward to having the airplane to expand our ministry.




The second work group of the summer is here and we are getting a lot done!  We have started on the cabin and I will try to update the pictures every day.  It rained most of the day today, more than the entire summer it seems.  We were still able to work under the tarps and peel logs.  Things should progress rather quickly from here.




Well we are wondering if we should have built an Ark instead of a Cabin.  We have had over 5 inches of rain in the past two weeks.  That’s almost half of our annual precipitation.  The folks from Georgia were a blessing to have and we all worked together very well as you can see from the pictures.  We could not have done this without them.


On another front, we still do not have definite word as to the delivery date of the airplane.  If it is not ready by the middle of Sept. we will wait to go get it next spring.  There is no need flying back to Alaska in the winter.




Things seem to be going slower on the cabin now that most of the progress is “finish work”.  We had help from some friends here in town this week with the spline boards in the window and door openings.  The next step is to seal the logs, of course it needs to stop raining.  We are in the rainy season now and it shows no sign of letting up.  We have a source of heat for the cabin, a Monitor heater, we determined that wood heat would not be practical if we were to be gone for an afternoon much less a couple of days.


We have received word from Maule about the airplane.  It will not be ready until next spring at the earliest.  There have been delays in getting the FAA down for inspections and there has also been a few design changes in the gross weight increase project.  It will work out fine to wait for the plane for several reasons. First we will have a far more versatile airplane when it’s completed, it will give us the capability to carry full fuel with just about any load (fuel in the tanks is a precious commodity here in Alaska).  Second this will give us more time to recoup from the expense of building the cabin and continue saving up for a hangar.


On other fronts:
     “The Bluegrass Hour” starts Saturday August 25th at 6:10 PM Alaska time (that’s 4 hours behind Eastern).  You can listen live online.
     Nenana Community Church sponsored a basketball camp last week for the kids in town.  We are excited about the follow up opportunities we will have through our Sunday School Class.
     September is Moose season.  Now that we won’t be “outside” getting the airplane, Adam hopes “to put some meat on the table” this year.




It’s starting to get cool at night now and we are every mindful that winter is right around the corner.  The cabin continues to keep our day’s full.  Adam still hopes to get out and moose hunt this year but shelter is more important than food right now.  There are several new pictures so you can see of our progress.


We are also stuffing envelopes with our latest paper version of The White Pages so keep an eye in the mail box. A little known bit of trivia for you, we send out almost 300 copies of our Prayer letter so it takes a while to get them out.  Now you know why the web site and e-mail has spoiled us!


Please continue to pray for the City of Nenana,  Our Mayor was married last month and will be moving out of state soon so we have the whole election thing to go through again.  However a more important thing to pray about is that there were two High School Students that tried to commit suicide last night.  They are alive and recovering in the Fairbanks Hospital.  Alaska has a suicide rate that is 86% higher than the national average.  Winter is coming and with it comes depression and substance abuse and all the associated problems.  Please pray that we will be able to show folks the real way out and how to deal with their troubles.




The events of the past few weeks have had a great impact on Alaska.  The shutdown of the U.S. airspace crippled Alaska.  Everyone relies on aircraft for things that range from mail delivery to food and fuel to personal transportation.  Alaska has more aircraft per capita than any other place in the U.S.  We heard reports that there were over 600 hunters and fishermen stranded in the woods with no idea what was going on and waiting for their pickup, Nome was without milk and bread for three days.  Several aircraft from the ‘Bush” were intercepted by F-15’s only to then find out that the airspace system had been shut down because of the attacks.  The FAA realized the importance of aviation to the state’s economy and safety and lifted all the restrictions a few days later.  It’s my understanding the “lower 48” took several more days to get airplanes back in the air and there are still some restrictions that we don’t have to worry about up here.


Alaska also has a very large military presence, several sites are still on the highest state of alert from what we hear.  Clear Air Station the radar site just a few miles South of us is “locked down” and we understand that most of the civilian contractors are still not allowed back on the base.  We have also heard that the folks stationed there are having to eat MRE’s vs. eating at the base cafeteria because of the “lock down”.


One thing we have noticed is that folks are thinking a lot more about eternal things and worrying about the future.  Pray that we will have the opportunities to help folks with those questions and that God will give us the answers.  A song I played last week on the Bluegrass Hour, Seven Hillsides by Ricky Skaggs, had the best words of comfort that I’ve heard so far.
     “The time has come to keep the Faith for others shattered by their loss, remind them of the loving God who’s Son like theirs paid the cost to save a sad and wicked world, through sacrifice our love is heard.”


It is especially in times like these that we see the this world’s need for Jesus.  Thank you for your part in keeping us in Alaska where we can be a help to those in need of a Savior.  We pray that you are able to help those around you too.




     Wow, has it been that long since we updated the web site?  Time has been flying the past month.  Winter came in like a lion and we already have several inches of snow with temperatures forecasted to get down to -20f this weekend. The river here in town is almost frozen over as well.


“Termination dust”, aka snow, fell around Oct. 10th and it won’t go away until  spring. We prefer to call it “determination dust” especially when you have a thousand things that have to get done before the snow sticks.  One of those thousands was getting the cabin livable.  That job was wrapping up just in time for the furnace to go out in the camper.  Adam is still working on the finishing touches but it’s wonderful to be living in the cabin!


Things are going great with “The Bluegrass Hour”.  The listener response is positive and we have already received several invitations to come and visit folks.  If we just had a way to get out to some of them but more on that in a bit.  Many of you have commented that you can’t get the radio on the internet any more.  Sorry.  Due to some pending legal battles many stations across the US have decided to stop their internet feed until things are resolved, VFCM included.  Apparently there are some problems with artist and voice talent wanting to get more in royalties if their work is on the internet.  There has also been talk of making the increased royalties retroactive, and this might be cost prohibitive for a lot of stations.  It seems to be a classic case of cutting off your nose to spite your face, although a workman is worthy of his hire.  Somewhere is the balance.


We received word from Maule and testing is going extremely well for the gross weight increase.  The wing passed with flying colors, and the tailwheel is next.  The FAA needs to review things and we all know that the government’s wheels sometime turn slowly.  Please continue to pray that things will progress rapidly and safely.  We still expect to take delivery spring/summer 2002.


We continue to enjoy our Sunday School class.  We average between 5-6 kids and it’s always an adventure.  It’s fun to share with them the great stories and truths of the Bible.




Once again another month has come and gone and we are happy to be in the cabin.  We have had temperatures down to almost -30f and strong winds but are staying very warm and cozy.  Thank you to everyone who had a part in the cabin project.


Thank you also to all the “proofreaders” out there.  On the last update I stated that Winter had come in like a loin (vs. lion).  Well, I don’t know exactly what that would have been like but thankfully it was brought to our attention and fixed.  Spell checkers are a wonderful thing but they don’t help you if you spell the wrong word correctly.


Sunday School is continuing to go very well.  We have one student that is asking a lot of very good questions and is wanting to know more about  what it means to be a Christian.  Please pray for him and his search for the truth.


There is now an AWANA club in Nenana!  We are helping out and are excited about another opportunity to share with kids about God’s love for them.  We are also excited about the impact AWANA has with the entire family of those that participate.


The “Bluegrass Hour” will now be a full 60 minutes.  Well, you say, that only makes sense but in radio that’s not always the case.  It used to be only 50 minutes because of news and weather but the schedule has been revised and I get a full hour now.  The program continues to receive good comments from listeners and this should be a welcomed change.  Still no word if or when VFCM will resume their internet broadcast.


Lyndy is also helping out at the radio station now.  She has taken over the production responsibilities of “Native New Life Radio” a 79 minute program that airs twice a week on all the outlets of the I AM radio network, plus one other station.  Native New Life is a group of folks that meet in Anchorage every Monday night and have a wonderful time of singing and testimony with a featured speaker.  This program is a tremendous outreach to the Native and Non-native communities in Alaska.  The stories of how God has used this program are too many to count.


December is a busy month for everyone, us included.  Sabrina will be a year old December 7th, my how time flies.  Adam’s mom will be up for the month of December and his dad and sister will be up for a couple of weeks, for Christmas.  We hope to get our Christmas letter to everyone before Christmas this year.  Last year we had to wait for Sabrina to be a part of the family.  If you would like to be added to our mailing list send us an e-mail.  We are also planning a trip into the “bush” after the first of the year to visit some friends.


Still no date for the airplane completion, please continue to pray that we can take delivery as soon as possible this Spring.




Well Granny White is here and boy is she enjoying all that time with Sabrina!  Adam’s Dad and Sister come in tonight so it will truly be a “White” Christmas.


Things are going well and we are very comfortable in our cabin.  We have had -40f and colder in the past week and we had no problems keeping warm.  We are having to leave two windows opened just a little to keep the humidity from getting too high.  When you have a 12’X16′ cabin with four people breathing and all the cooking that’s going on too it’s tough to keep the windows from frosting over even with arctic windows.


Adam has been working at the radio station everyday here recently because one of the staff families just had a baby girl!  It’s been fun to see how things run at the station during the week and we are grateful that we can let them spend some time getting settled with the new baby.  Congratulations Dave and Laura!


Speaking of birthdays.  Sabrina turned 1 year old December 7th.  That’s why Granny White is up so early for Christmas.  My how the year has flown by.


Adam had an opportunity to help deliver boxes of food to almost 30 families here in Nenana last week.  What a blessing to see the expressions and have a chance to encourage folks.  I just wish there was more time to sit down with some of them that wanted and needed to talk.  Now that all the boxes are delivered maybe there will be more opportunities now that folks know us a little better.


Have a wonderful Christmas and remember why we celebrate this holiday.  Jesus was born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago.