2017 Workteams

We are in the planning stages for next summer’s work teams. Have you wanted to visit us? Are you curious how ministry in Alaska works? Do you want to help us get the hangar project completed? Here is your chance! Right now we are planning two separate work teams. The first will finish the front wall and hang the big door with other general construction projects. The second will focus on more of the electrical/mechanical aspects of the project. Go to our Facebook page to find out all the details. Hope to see you next summer!

TMM Hangar
Still needing to hang the big door.

MK or KM, it’s a very fine line.

Well, Sophia Lee of World Magazine has done it again. In her latest article, she has done an excellent job of capturing one of the biggest struggles of being on the mission field, how it impacts our children. We know the Funks and the Stewarts. We can vouch for their sincerity and genuine love for their villages and more importantly for their children. Your faithful support has provided the means for us to fly thousands of pounds of desperately needed food to Luke and Sarah in Kobuk.

As parents, we know and accept the challenges of mission work, but often it is tough because our decisions affect our kids too. 

Pray for us, but more importantly, please pray for Sabrina, Miriam, and Natalie. Our children are “the chink in the armor that Satan often uses to attack us because that’s where we’re weakest.” Being an MK (missionary kid) or a KM (kid missionary) has very different outcomes, and there is a very fine line between them.

What Alaska Ministry Looks Like

We try to explain it. It is hard to describe, harder to believe and difficult to accept. We tell folks that the only way to truly understand it is to be here and see it for yourself. Life in Alaska is hard, ministry is a lifelong process and sin has terrible consequences. Sophia Lee has accomplished what Lyndy and I haven’t been able to do, her article published by World Magazine does an excellent job explaining these things clearly.

We are friends with the Roger and Carole, folks featured in the story, and are ministry partners with Kokrine Hills Bible Camp. We know the other folks in the article as well, they are all good people.

I encourage you to read this story and get a glimpse of what ministry in Alaska entails. Thank you for partnering with us as we have lived and ministered in Alaska for over 20 years.


Winter warm-up

We are gaining daylight again! Although we have past to darkest part of winter we are not past the coldest, that comes in February.

We are enjoying a warm spell this week but are paying for it with high winds. The forecast calls for 90+mph winds in our area. While we will enjoy the potential +40* temps the wind has us concerned. Usually with this type weather pattern we don’t get the brunt of the winds but this system is forecasted to be a record breaker. My guess, from 20+years of watching our weather, is that we will get at least 40mph winds and most likely not get the full 90mph here in Nenana.

The hangar is rated for 100mph winds but only when the hangar door is installed. The hangar has the potential to be like a parachute in the wind with one wall still open. Pray with us that it will hold and that the forecasted winds do not develop!

Just a reminder that we update the TMM Alaska Facebook page with pictures and short bits about daily life and ministry in Alaska.

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